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Team 1: Loki, Enchantress, Skurge (Blood Ax),Hela, Kurse, Surtr (twilight sword), Serpent,Malekith

Team 2: Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Dr Fate, Alan Scott, Phantom Stranger, Super Girl, Mongul (power ring)

Team 1 has five days prep team 2 has six days. No pis,cis or bfr.

No outside help, standard equipment. Everyone is at standard power levels.

Fight takes place in asgard. Teams can only win by killing/incapacitating the other team.

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Team 1 vastly outpowers most of Team 2, but I remain at a loss as to how they could possibly kill or incapacitate the Stranger.

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really? I thought team 2 had the advantage because of prep seeing that they have prep beasts like Dr Fate. I thought Stranger would be the only one able to keep Surtr at bay while the rest of his team somehow dealt with the team 1

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I am not familiar with the prep abilities of people like Fate (why are there two of him? Hector and Kent/Inza?). Someone like beatboks can elaborate on that.

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Team one but I'm unsure about Phantom Stranger.

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For now I think team 1 wins, this can change however.

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@CitizenBane: Fixed the double Fates. I would put Fate on the same level as Dr.Strange easily (when it comes to prep). The only probs I think team two has here is Loki and Surtr (in my opinion) but im not sure.

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...Yeah. I don't know.

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Which Mongul is it? Because if its senior, Team 1's going to have a hard time.

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Team 1 wins big

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team 2 stomps

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Team 1 Stomps

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Surtur/Twilight swird solo's.