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Niko Bellic from GTA IV vs Wei Shen from Sleeping Dogs

For all rounds

-Aiming to kill

-In character

-Fighting at their best

Round 1

  • Start 15 meters apart
  • Armed with an assault rifle (3 Mags) and pistol (2 Clips)
  • Busy streets with lots of pedestrians

Round 2

  • Purely a hand-to-hand fight
  • There are weapons lying around (crow bar, knife, plank)

Round 3

  • In an empty Times Square
  • Have access to all of their weapons, gear and abilities
  • Start 20 meters apart

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Wei Shen is better in H2H so:

Round 1 = Niko

Round 2 = Wei Shen

Round 3 = Niko

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Niko is a tough as nails Serbian commando SOB. He can take Wei in all rounds.

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Niko wins round one due to superior training. Second round he gets beat to a pulp in hand-to-hand combat by Shen. Third round could go either way considering the starting distance.

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LOL at Niko being better at h2h, than wei shen. Niko training is pure hyperbole as he never showcases his skill as much as wei.

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@deranged_midget: There's really no difference between rounds 1 and 3 besides a measly 5 feet. What makes you think they'll end differently?

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Hi, i had to bring this back just to say Niko Bellic curb stomps

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Round 1: Niko Bellic, he doesn't care about killing pedestrians so it's a massacre.

Round 2: Wei Shen would just destroy him, even the thugs he versus would beat Niko.

Round 3: Wei Shen, he jumps over an obstacle (fence,counter etc) performing slow motion and just headshots Niko simultaneously.

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Shen's definitely better than Niko H2H. So I'd say Niko Shen Niko.

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Neither of these guys are legit comic characters ...

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Neither of these guys are legit comic characters ...

Who cares

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"stay down, or I will finish you off"

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Like stated before by others, with a gun in hand Niko makes swiss cheese out of Wei but in h2h Wei demolishes Niko.

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Wei has taken out massive groups of gangs.

He has a great aim,since he always lands tire shots.

Wei takes all rounds.

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Wei slaughters.

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