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Nikita (Tv series Version), James Bond (Daniel Craig Version)

Scenario: M16 Task James Bond to collect a Black box after in comes into the hands of a group of Golol agents(Prior to when Alex took over Gogol) hands & is successful in doing so & he is lead to a the 10th floor of a abandoned prison, Nikita enters from the bottom floor

James's mission is to return the Box to M16 in one piece, Nikita's mission is to destroy the blackbox & Both think the other is working for Gogol

Diversion agents are 20minutes away & MI6 Agents are 45minutes away..

Both are Armed with a Silenced Pistol & Knife

Nikita:Also has a Mp5 Machine gun & a bullet proof vest & Has Seymour Birkhoff helping her he has hacked the Security in the Building & has control of the Security doors & cameras .. He also has use of his Remote control jet planes

James Bonds Gadgets Include:(from his classic & newer movies)

False Fingerprints

Cigarette bomb

Ring Camera

Wrist-Mounted Dart Gun

Laser Watch (Can be used to melt through locks

Trick Briefcase (Containing a Sniper Rifle & throwing knifes, will explode if open the wrong way)

Mobile phone Taser

remote Control Car outside the Building,

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Come on this is a good match... I know they are not really comic characters.. But still

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James Bond

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I would have said Nikita

Hand to hand: def Nikita.

Guns: Probably Nikita

Trickery" James Bond might be able to get Nikita by Surprise with his dart-gun or with his exploding briefcase.. But Nikita is not easily a tricked..

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Think I'm going to side with Nikita.

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@Deathrow_nzl: Which TV series of Nikita. Lafemme Nikita or the more recent one???

La Femme Nikita
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Bond rocks her.... ALL NIGHT LONG!!

#cue Lionel Ritchie

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Was talking about the recent one with MaggieQ

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She gets the james bond treatment. after they have sex (witch they will) she will die, be it by james himself or someone or something else, like all the women he's been with.

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@Deathrow_nzl said:

Was talking about the recent one with MaggieQ

Then he ends up the same way as the handler for Micheal's son's mother ( ep 8 season 2). Nikita FTW

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Nikta, as shown in the movie, Bond is getting old. If I were to rank the spies and counter intel agents I know of Jason Bourne - Bourne Trilogy Jack Bauer - 24 Nikita - self titled James Bond - self titled Aaron Cross - Bourne Legacy MacGyver - self titled Jack Bristow - Alias Sydney Bristow - Alias Michael Weston - Burn Notice Ethan Hunt- Mission Impossible Annie Walker - Covert Affairs

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James Bond, he`s been through more and has dealt with worse.