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Morals are on (everyone is in character)

nightwing gets 10 hours of rest and access to the best medical supplies on the planet

standered gear unless stated otherwise

Nightwing knows he will be going into multiple fights

dc characters are pre 52

Everyone using bullets in this gauntlet has unlimited ammo but they must reload

Round 5 black canary cannot use her canary cry


Nightwing starts at the yellow dot enemies at the red

location is unpopulated

fight takes place here:


round 1

round 2

Thomas Cobbs

round 3

round 4

round 5

No canary cry


Round 6

Round 7

2 dual pistols and a combat knife and unlimited batarangs

Jason and Grayson

How far does nightwing make it and why?

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I didn't read a whole lot of Court of the Owls crossover so I can't say where Nightwing stands against Cobb. I will say at the most I don't see him getting past Crossbones with the injuries he will get.

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Pre 52 Cobb, so non existent ? lol :P unless i'm wrong, o-O

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He kind of lost against Cobb and needed trickery to defeat him......although he started at a disadvantage since Cobb just burst out of nowhere and threw five blades into his chest before he knew what was happening.

Probably stops at 2.

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Stops at Cobs. Natasha should put up a fight he sholdn't be in perfect condition. Any less than that Cobs probably takes him.

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Even if he made it to the end (he wont) Jason would walk all over him with injuries he would have attained fighting these guys...heh kinda reminds me of knightfall....

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This is the Cobb fight if anyone's interested:

Dick was already injured, but he remarked that he wouldn't beat Cobb straight up even if he was at full strength. And he was right, he probably wouldn't because of Cobb's durability/healing.

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Stops at Round 2.

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all the way

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Probably stops at 2.

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Why's Jason last? And LOL @ unlimited batarangs.

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Cobb gets him &

@Billy Batson said:

Why's Jason last?

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Where's that jason and dick image from? And by the way, I say he stops at Talon.

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Id say he would get to round 4 and done. Elektra is a straight up ninja and has been killing since she was 16

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Dick clears this no problem.

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May stop at Cobb but other than that, I see him clearing.

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He can get past the talon but tough fight bcuz he barely got pass him last time, i think he was unsure if woulda beaten him at full strength so he out smarted him. Nightwing all the way cuzz

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If he actually gets past Cobb (which CB made pretty clear wasn't happening) he stops at 4 or definitely 5.

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I am not sure he gets past Black Widow. She has had the Russian version of the SSS so she is a peak human. She has the Widow's Bite for a medium range weapon (30,000 volts). She can cling to walls and ceilings. And she is 70 years old and has been an espionage agent for since she a teen. She''s been trained by Russian Black Ops, the Hand (she was the top Madriporan assassin), Shield, and Daredevil.