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One night Batman took Damien with him and Dick out on a little practice session taking out thugs in Gotham. Nightwing is observing Robin and is noticing some faults. Throughout the session Nightwing constantly tells Robin that he isn't focused and notices the intent to kill when he fights. On the rooftops of Gotham Robin and Nightwing are in a heated argument and Robin, intensely angry, lashes out at Nightwing. Who will win?

Morals on but can be accidental death.

Win by KO/Accidental death

Batman can't jump in.

Robin and Nightwing has their own arsenal to fully utilize.

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Nightwing stomps

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Pretty much exactly the scenario you're talking about.

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Nightwing ftw

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No matter what how you look at it it's like this


so Dick >>> Damien

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Nightwing has almost every edge.

  • Field experience
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Skill!
  • Natural affinity for combat
  • He is by feats the better strategist.

Nightwing has outfought or stalemated enemies like Deathstroke, Blockbuster, Red Hood. Damian is an unexperienced, 10 year old kid, his physical attributes alone give him a great disadvantage.