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No morals

15 min prep

No morals

Who wins and why

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Blade speedblitzes.

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Blade speedblitzes.

how fast is blade?

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@heymanjack He's effortlessly sliced apart vampires before they could register what happened. He's also evaded and tagged Spitfire who can outrun bullets.

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@heymanjack: That and he can dodge lasers, level after images, deflect gun fire ect.

On a random Encounter, I would honestly say Blade could solo. With Cap, too much. Cap is a equal if not greater than Bats in h2h but is way stronger and more durable.

.However, because this is 15mins prep both sides, I'm a bit on the fence but leaning toward Batman. He's a prep king as most people agree.

Blade and Cap don't have any weaknesses. So it's not like he's going to walk in with anti Cap and Blade spray, but I don't know. It is Batman.

Cap is also up there with prep and Blade isn't a rookie.

So I do not know. feats wise, I say team 2. However, with prep. I really couldn't say right now.

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I dont think 15min is enough prep time without Bats coming up with somekind of plot device (i.e. anti-vampire spray)

Between Blades speed/strength/healing factor and Caps enchanced abilities as well, I give team2 7/10 W's. I give Batman and Nightwing a few wins based on their team work alone should score a couple of victories

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if you give bats knowledge of blade and some real prep time (15min is BS he may be king of prep but dude 15min isnt enough) with knowledge and prep (1hr 1/2hr) he could use cow blood(if i'm not mistake blade is "alergic ") them MAYBE they'll win, but this is not the case and this thread is a SPITE