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Just like the Nightwing vs Batman Beyond battle I posted this fight will be with no weapons. And unlike the last one (i think) no gadgets. Just 1 on 1 fighting. Kicks and Punches.

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@tagtheafrogamer: nightwing wins he was taught by batman and night owl isnt really good without his gadgets

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Nightwing has shown far better feats than Nite Owl.

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Nite* Owl not Night Owl and Night Wing stomps imo he's a way better fighter than Nite Owl who has no real skill in his fighting.

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I already made this battle, and according to everyone else it was a stomp. If Nite Owl's gadgets are taken away I'd have to agree. However with equipment and planning I think he has a shot.

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i feel bad for watchmen characters... they dont have many feats.

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Nightwing stomps.

The Watchmen characters (save Manhattan) can't hang with the vast majority of street level characters. They just can't, equipment or no.

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