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Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru 


Rules & Specifications 
-No BFR only Kill, KO,or Incapactiation 
-Fight takes place in Osaka,Japan in an empty arena 
Who wins?
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i thought wiccan was gay

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@rein said:
" i thought wiccan was gay "
He is.
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Nico would win, but neither have come close to reaching their full potential yet.

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@rein said:
" i thought wiccan was gay "
Yes..but Enchantress is a whore.
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Oh I think Nico's actually at peak power right now.  Who is supposed to teach her magic?  She's not gonna learn anything new and the Staff of One only gets less powerful unless you start studying other languages.
That said, the Staff of One is still more powerful than Wiccan. 
Sister Grim wins.
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Wiccan would win because all he would have to say is IWANTHERDEAD! 
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I would say Wiccan. He is listed as one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Marvel U and he is still wet behind the ears. I am not too sure where Nico stands on power levels but she can only use spells once. So everything we have seen her do, she cannot do the same way again, which requires her to remember every single way she has cast a spell ever while at the same time learning new ways to do magic. Wiccan does not have that problem. So I give it to him.  

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Nico wins. Wiccan needs time to cast a spell, while she has just to be creative. A "No more Wiccan" spell should work

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I thnk Wiccan wins. He could just blast her. He doesn't have to do a spell.

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