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Solid Snake: Sneaking Suit, Mk. 23 SOCOM, CQC Knife, M4, Solid Eye

Big Boss: Sneaking Suit, M19A11 Combat Pistol, CQC Knife, Patriot




Snake Eyes: Submachine gun, Twin Katanas, Shurikens, Throwing Knives, Smoke Grenades, Frag Grenades

Storm Shadow: Bow and Arrows, Submachine Gun, Twin Katanas, Throwing Knives, Shurikens, Smoke Pellets

Team 1 starts at the green circle, team 2 in the red.

Fighters have basic knowledge on their opponents (sneaky super soldier dudes vs ninja people).

Morals on.

No prep.

Everyone in their prime.


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@nickzambuto said:

As with every fight they've ever been in, my Snake Duo has one distinct advantage: stealth. Even against two real actual ninjas, the proprietors of the stealth genre can not be beat. Solid Snake has been described as more than a ghost on several occasions, and he specializes in appearing and disappearing on a whim. 2:45 Snake is clearly seen standing right in front of the DARPA Chief, but vanishes the second the guard shows up (the chief doesn't even stop staring at where Snake was standing)

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow aren't exactly amateurs in the stealth game, themselves. After sneaking undetected into Cobra Commander's chambers, they both disappear from right under his nose:

1:20 tails a man across the city and disappears right off the face of the Earth when he turns around, only to pop up again right in front of the guy's face (worth mentioning the nice skill showing right after; vs 8 soldiers with his bare hands)

Storm Shadow disappears from the center of a crowd of people, even though they're all watching him:

And beating fodder is impressive, but it's nothing the ninjas can't do.

Snake has shown himself capable of sneaking right past a group of guards standing in plane sight, and he makes it a point to never let you see him, unless he wants to be seen.

Storm Shadow repeatedly infiltrates high security locations without being detected. No biggie.

from the MGS4 Novel,
Snake went prone upon the gravel, and his camouflage shifted to blend in. Slowly, he crawled through the open streets like an inchworm. The area outside the base provided no cover, but Snake, utilizing Native American tracking techniques, gave the soldiers nothing to see and nothing to hear.

As impressive as it is to move at inchworm speeds using active camo, I don't see a lot of application in this battle.

Meanwhile we have Big Boss/Naked Snake, the most skilled tracker and hunter this world over. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow might be so stealthy they seem invisible - but Big Boss has snuck up on people who actually were invisible.

And the ninjas have fought Wraith, whose cybernetic suit make him invisible, and also a 10-tonner.

These two working in unison, absolutely undetectable.

I could say the same for my pair. In fact, I think I will. These two working in unison, absolutely undetectable.

Snake's Solid Eye device pinpoints exactly where you guys will be,

Wait, he'll be using tech to detect my Joes? I think you've overlooked something.

but it's not even needed with Big Boss's hide n' seek skills. It's just a matter of finding out where you guys are; sneaking up will be the easy part.

I think you've underestimating just how difficult it is to find these guys. Allow me to demonstrate. During an infiltration of an enemy base, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow happen upon an extremely advanced hunter-killer robot. It has motion-detectors and infrared, and they're still able to remain undetected long enough to ambush it. This is in an enclosed room, and they also escape detection by the closed-circuit monitors being watched by security personnel. Even after they attack the robot, Snake Eyes is able to remain undetectable by the cameras. This demonstrates stealth skill, speed, teamwork, and combat skill. A very solid feat, on the whole.

So detection, either by skill or technology, is much less likely than you seem to believe.

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O man this should be epic :)

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@nickzambuto: Bumparoo!

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wat is this

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Sorry...........................I just thought this would be one of the coolest fights ever and its with 4 of my favorite characters ever is all.................. :P