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vs Youngjustice

  • Count Nefari (Pre-Ionic State)
  • Captain comet
  • Black Bolt
  • Mantis
  • Captain Atom (Pre-New 52)
  • Black Alice
  • Scenario:

    The Chitauri have attacked Manhattan Island. The Avengers have met them in glorious battle. Into the midst of this chaos, two teams of superpowered beings appear. Both the Chitauri and the Avengers take them for enemies, and the battle swings to focus on the newcomers. The Council, seeing the new threat, launch a nuclear missile from the Helicarrier. The nuke will detonate 5 minutes after the start of the battle.


    - Eliminate the enemy team.

    - NOT Bloodlusted. Morals on, but characters will fight to the best of their abilities.

    -Teams start on the buildings marked with letters, the team listed first in the topic title starts at point A, second listed at point B.

    - No permanent BFR

    - Both the Movie Avengers and Movie Chitauri will attack your teams. Their Morals are off. You are unable to reason with them. Avengers are those pictured plus Loki. Tony has Mark VII Armor. Hulk starts the battle Hulked out.

    - Both Teams get 6 hours worth of Prep, but have no access to the battlefield. Teams get dossiers on their opponents after 4 hours, but are unaware of the conflict happening in Manhattan.

    - The Prep allows you to make use of any of your resources, however I draw the line at inviting other people into the match. For Example. No Minions/Armies/LMDs however, if you had Madrox I'd allow duplicates naturally.

    - No Time Manipulation or Reality Warping

    -No acquiring artifacts that allow Time Manipulation or Reality Warping

    My prep

    Dox hacks computer systems to gain access to detailed maps and schematics of NYC (that's not access to the actual battleground just access to basic knowledge of it). Studying these he makes himself completely aware of every aspect of the city down to it's most minute detail. Even to the point where he knows every bit of infrastructure,every pipe, every power line. it takes someone like Dox only minutes to hack and acquire the information but he spends the next few hours completely committing all to memory and formulating a plan/strategy and several back ups/ exit strategies (as he usually does) to be ready for any surprises. He then has BW Jr also implant this knowledge in every member of his team. This gives my team like a home field advantage, much better knowledge of the lay of the land.

    To add to this Question also goes into to one of his spirit trances communing with the Earth to learn all he can. Just as Metropolis called out to him from Chicago to have him come to deal with the dangers to that city that would destroy it's champion.

    Upon gaining dossiers Vrill ensures that every team member is fully aware of every weakness each opponent has (again courtesy of BW) and the best ways to exploit it. he also delves into the motivations and driving factors of the enemies psyche profiles. From these he familiarizes himself with the best motivators to manipulate their actions as he sees fit.

    When the battle truly is joined it will proceed for the most part on the battle grounds and conditions that I choose.

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    Nice, but wrong team.

    Current team is.

    Team YJ

    Count Nefari (Pre-Ionic State)

    Captain Comet (Classic)

    Black Bolt


    Captain Atom (Pre-New 52)

    Black Alice

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    @YoungJustice said:


    Having Captain Comet in the opposition gives me an even greater advantage. Vrill is very familiar with Adam (being one of his troupes having appeared in 60 something of the various titles of LEGION/REBELS). Vrill already knows how to push his buttons easily.

    Once the battle begins Alan will use his ring to shrink himself Obsidian and Arion to a size that makes them unable to be seen.


    The result of this is that Black Alice wont see them and therefore can't copy their powers. These three are the ones in my team with magical power so the only ones she can copy. Questions ability is magical but it is a learned ability not an actual power, so she can't use that either.

    The threat of the Chitauri and the Avengers won't even be a minor anoyance for my team. Once they are aware of the danger because

    1. Dox can hack (courtesy of Silica) the Chitauri tech and be in control of their ships.
    2. three members of my team are capable of illusions (BW, Arion, Question), Three are capable of invisibility and intangibility ( Alan, Arion, Obsidian)

    So they can simply bypass them without conflict.

    In their shrunken state one of them will seek out Black Blot and either destroy or remove his antenna. With it gone he will loose his control over ambient particles and electrons and 90% of his effectiveness. His scream in this state will be just as destructive to your own team as it would be to mine, highly unlikely that he would use it. he will also loose his strength etc.

    Captain Comet will be taken out by Brainwave. BW is a much more powerful psionic than him. He was able to defeat Maxima in the astral plane ( extreme Justice) and Maxima is above CC psionically too. Plus he could dominate the enire JSA telepathically and breach BA's TP protection.

    Mantis can be dealt with by almost anyone. Her knowledge of pressure points would be useless against the likes of Alan and Obsidian who can be without a body. her other powers are also of little concern in a battle against any of those three. Arion can match her in combat prowess even without power.

    Nefari (pre ionic) is just a superman copy and frankly anyone on my team can deal with that power set.

    The only real threat to my team is Captin Atom, who's (pre Nu52) immunity to magic means that my team has to get a little more creative in dealing with him. Just as I dealt with the Nu52 version in round one this will come down to Dox's energy draining spikes and force field.s for containment.

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    WTF! The post didn't go through!

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    Is this like a viner vs viner or something?

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    Fun teams.

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    @YoungJustice: have you forgotten this. I'm waiting for you to respond before going on

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    @beatboks1 said:

    @YoungJustice: have you forgotten this. I'm waiting for you to respond before going on

    Eh, you can give yourself the win, if it means anything, here was a first draft argument.


    Sorry about the wait, as you can see above, CV glitched and deleted my post, or it didn't go through, either way, it didn't appear.

    So, here is a short, new strategy.

    In the first 4 hours, they will gear up and train.

    Black Alice would get in her form Dr.Fate.

    Comet would evolve.

    Mantis would charge up via Black Bolt.

    They then train as I said above.

    Last 2 Hours (w/ knowledge)

    Comet tells the team of Dox's capabilities, and that he'll be dangerous prep.

    He also starts 2 plans, a main and backup.

    Nefari will be the only one to appear on the battlefield, and will attack Drox.

    While Alice sneak attacks

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    @YoungJustice: @beatboks1:

    Okay, bumping this up. Are you willing to debate this, YJ? You've got a solid team, you can give him a good run. I really don't want this tourney to die without finishing .

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    @Esquire said:

    @YoungJustice: @beatboks1:

    Okay, bumping this up. Are you willing to debate this, YJ? You've got a solid team, you can give him a good run. I really don't want this tourney to die without finishing .

    Sorry, I think I'd do best being a one tourney guy.

    Assuming you win our VC match.

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    Hahahaha. Beatboks sure is good with JLA characters. If you continue to debate with beatboks seriously, there would be great boggling wall of texts like the last time.