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Free for all Morals off and a fight to the death Takes place in a completely empty Times Square No prep, random encounter

Nick Fury and Black Widow have a pistol with one bullet each, and Hawkeye has his bow with one standard arrow

Who wins and why? Thanks for reading :)

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I'd have to say Black Widow has the advantage here, she has the mad skills to dodge Hawkeye's arrow and then when it comes down to fist fighting she could beat Fury in a heartbeat!

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Comic book versions or movie versions?

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@absorber308: These are comic book versions :)

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THen I'm pretty sure hawkeye gets a headshot on black widow. Then proceeds to take on Fury (Which he would win against in a fight)

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I would say Hawkeye. Range and agility beats femme fatale and token eyepatch anyday

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Can anyone help me on deciding the outcome of this one? Extra opinions?

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1. Hawkeye

2. Black Widow

3. Nick Fury

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@NeonGameWave: yeah Hawkeye seems to be the majority favourite. How do you see the fight going down? :)

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@MasterAction: First, Nick Fury shoots his pistol at Hawkeye in which he dodges and then Black Widow tries to fire at Nick Fury who successfully dodges the bullet but they later engage in H2H in which Black Widow with a couple of clever maneuvers wins as she manages to knock him out cold. Hawkeye in the meantime has taken cover and uses his good instincts to plan out his attack as he knows that the first shot counts, he then fires his arrow. Two possible scenarios take place.

1. The arrow successfully hits Black Widow wounding her, and Hawkeye taking the opportunity confronts her as he delivers powerful punches, knocking her out in the process.

2. The arrow misses and Hawkeye not underestimating his opponent after witnessing her performance against Nick Fury, carefully engages in H2H and after a good fight, wins.

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don't know. all it takes is for someone to stuff up.

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If Black Widow takes out Hawkeye first, she wins. If she goes for Fury first, Hawkeye wins.

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