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Scenario! - The Jedi Temple

A bastion of hope, the Jedi Temple has stood for millennia. A symbol of the Jedi's dominance, and influence on Coruscant's skyline.


Team A

- Protect the Jedi Temple from the invaders

Team B

- Assault and storm the Temple

But above all,

Eliminate the enemy at all costs.


Team A start the centre of the Temple, at the foot of the Spire. Team B start at public center (The round docking bay in the first picture)


- Eliminate the team.

- No permanent BFR

- You're allowed to make use of any of the Temple's defenses or structures

- Both Teams get 1 days worth of Prep. Team B get dossiers on their opponents after 6 hours, whereas Team A only get knowledge about who they're fighting 1 hour before the match, however, they are allowed free access to roam and familiarize themselves with the Temple during their Prep.

- The Prep allows you to make use of any of your resources, however I draw the line at inviting other people into the match. For Example. No Minions/Armies/LMDs however, if you had Madrox I'd allow duplicates naturally.

- No Time Manipulation or Reality Warping

Team Floopay

Team RIKR2

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Try to get this finished up by Saturday. We're trying to start round 2 sometime this weekend.

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Alright. I'll keep this short.

My team opens by killing Doctor Doom right off the bat. Ultron and Cyborg Superman can instantly shut down his armor and Magneto can crush it instantly, with him inside of it. Magneto will also be putting his shields up in this time (crushing Doom will only take a moment).

Simultaneously Quasar and Nova will put their shields around Eiling and Solomon Grundy.

At this point it's my entire team against Batson, Meggan, and Etrigan the Demon.

Beta Ray Bill will handle Batson. His magical lightning should be powerful enough to revert Batson back to his human form, from here he will move on to help the rest of my team with Etrigan and Meggan.

Quasar and Magneto can handle Meggan while Hank and Ultron handle Etrigan.

Once Batson is taken care of, Bill will move on to help take down Meggan. With Hank Henshaw and Ultron there, it shouldn't last long.

From here I use my superior numbers to overpower my opponent.

Thanks for reading,


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@cosmicallyaware1: You want pictures?

Handling Doom

Iron Man is briefly able to hack into Doctor Doom's armor. This was very briefly, Doom blocks the attempt shortly thereafter. I have Ultron and Henshaw are leagues above Iron Man in technopathy, needless to say, Doom's armor is going down quickly, and without that, he's stuck.

As for Magneto's part...if he can rip Adamantium out of Wolverine's body, he can crush Doom's armor....

How about Eiling and Grundy?

During Annihilation Wave, Nova creates a shield around his allies capable of withstanding Solar System busting attacks. So Grundy and/or Eiling should be kept pretty well....

Quasar erects a shield also capable of withstanding Solar System busting attacks...

Quasar's shield protect Earth from astroids and etc. (Starmasters I believe)

Quasar's shields holding off the Avengers...

Beta Ray Bill handling Billy Batson?

Taken from, and a special thanks to:

I didn't even have to google them, I happened to be in the thread and stumbled upon them!

Power of Shazam 20: This is a part of Final Night Story arc, and you can see Billy turned human once hit by normal lightning. He then turns back to Captain Marvel after he yell shazam .

Superman Beyond 01: This is a part of Final Crisis story arc, where you know the whole Cosmic Armor Superman story happens. Superman and Captain Marvel try and successfully lift the book of infinite pages, but as a backlash, a lightning comes out of the book, which not only turns Captain Marvel back to Billy but also knocks him out

Power of Shazam 14: This is NOT Captain Marvel but rather Captain Marvel Junior (just wanted to make sure you dont feel like i am trying to mislead you) and he is turned back to normal human after hit by Chain Lightning's well lightning. The reason i am presenting this despite Captain Marvel Jr and Captain Marvel not being the same person is because while they power level is different the source of their powers are similar.

Beta Ray Bill can generate lightning, powerful magical lightning at that, so yeah....KO or Kill should be more than doable

Magneto vs. Others on your team:

Magneto's Shields

Holds up to Thor, She Hulk, and others.

Magneto's power over matter...

Magneto reacts to a blast from Cyclops when caught by surprise, so pretty good reaction timing. Shields tank a full blast from Cyclops, seals Banshee in an iron coffin from debris leftover in the air, and this is after he finished walking through a team of X-Men....so yeah, pretty good feat overall here.

Beta Ray Bill handling your team as well... Not exactly a lightweight you are dealing with here...

Two Blackholes pulling at Beta Ray Bill at once? Not a problem...

Shields? Yeah, Stormbreaker can do that...against the Godkiller (Skrull)

Beta Ray Bill....HATES Galactus. Tanks a planet exploding.

Beta Ray Bill is thrown into Asgard in his normal form, without Stormbreaker

Beta Ray Bill kills Omega Ray

Within the first minute, this match will go from 6 vs. 6, to 6 vs. 2.

Thanks for reading,


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@Floopay: Remember that you have a day's prep too, if you want it. You're the attacking team, since your name is first.

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@Esquire said:

@Floopay: Remember that you have a day's prep too, if you want it. You're the attacking team, since your name is first.

Yeah, I'll think of something to do with it later, right now just getting my basic strategy out, I have some things in mind....to say the least :P

Thanks for reading,


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@Floopay: I just wanted to make sure you hadn't missed it. I hope shows up and gives you a good debate!

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Ok I’ll take option A

My team opens by killing Doctor Doom right off the bat. Ultron and Cyborg Superman can instantly shut down his armor and Magneto can crush it instantly, with him inside of it. Magneto will also be putting his shields up in this time (crushing Doom will only take a moment).

Fitsly I have one day of prep plus knowledge of who I’m fighting so u taking out DOCTOR DOOM That easily is imposible!! Since hes going to protect the temple (like it was his castle) and know he got a super team to help him too.

Doom would have the place fill with trap and fire powers (lots of weapon) waiting for ur team, he would prepare them for any trick that both ultron and heck may try and also would be Magneto-proofed, like his armor, remember that Doom with prep CAN do that (Doom with prep had stole the power cosmic from Silver Surfer and fought the Beyonder)

While ur team is dealing with all the trap and defense of the palace with the purpose of divided ur team and make all the matches one vs one … so my team would be ready to take ur team in separate location

Beta Ray Bill will handle Batson. His magical lightning should be powerful enough to revert Batson back to his human form, from here he will move on to help the rest of my team with Etrigan and Meggan.

Remember ur dealing not only with my team but also the palace defense, AND Shazam powers don’t work like that (no matter how powerful his lighting is ,it’s not going to revert him back to his human form.. Billy can resist magical attack and is definite faster than Beta Ray Bill so I see Billy taking the majority of this fight ! BRB is maybe and again maybe more durable but Billy is faster and stronger

Etrigan vs Magneto: Magneto is strong but with the Magnetic restriccion what can magneto do? Etrigan is stronger WAY stronger! And Mags doesn’t have any defense against black magic attack so hes out relative fast

streng feat

Eiling would go against nova, Nova is awesome but the general here is a tank!!!! Nothing he can do can put him down! Heres a guy who have go several time against the Justice League and the only way his beat is with BFR so this would be a stalement until Etrigan finish Mags, so then would be a 2 on 1 handicap so goodbye Nova.

Durability feat

Solomon Grundy vs Cy. Superman: this is smart grundy so he’s not going to get outsmart by his opponent, this guy is also a tank!! Nothing hank does can put down Grundy! And is this match go physical Grundy would tear him apart.

Meggan vs Quassar: this match of teammate is a good one! But I thing meggan have the upper hand thanks to her empathy! How Quassar would attack Meggan if he love her or if hes scare of her?? But no only she have that! Her mimicking power is great enough to copy the silver surfer! So she can copy quasar energy too! So she can beat him or in the worse scenario can hold him until my team of two beat Nova

Meggan mimicking power

That leave us with our main event DOOM vs ultron, like I stated before doom would have his armor ready for ultron so no technopathy in the world would work (doom si not dumb enough to leave that weakness open for another time) so we got two smart Villain with awesome tech power! I admite that but I got two advantage, first: homecourt advantage so knowing Doom hell got a lot of trick under his sleeve and 2: Doom is second in line to be Sorcery Supreme so his magic attack is what give Doom the lead in this battle! What defense he got against magic attack? What defense does ultron have against Crimson Bands? so with does two advantage plus his shields that are powerful enough to take any attack of Ultron!! So with that my team has this one on the bag

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nice battle guys! keep it going......................

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@Esquire: BTW can i use doombots??

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- The Prep allows you to make use of any of your resources, however I draw the line at inviting other people into the match. For Example. No Minions/Armies/LMDs however, if you had Madrox I'd allow duplicates naturally.

You can't bring in the ones he already has, you can only use ones that Doom could build during his day of prep. Also remember that, as the defending team, you only get knowledge of who you're facing an hour before the match. So you won't be prepping specifically for Magneto, Ultron, and Cyborg Superman until the last hour.

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@Esquire: but Doom is know to prep 2 step ahead of everything, so the tech thing he could anticipate it(since that's his biggest advantage) and his armor already have the magnetic proofed so in the hour he can prepare the temple! and in one day he can build some doombots to use like bait in the battle against Ultron

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@RIKR2: If you want to make that argument, go for it. I'm not the one debating against you.

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@RIKR2: @Esquire: @cosmicallyaware1:

Well this is under the assumption that my team will go after who you want them to go after. But, that won't be the case.

If you can prove that Eiling and Grundy can provide Solar System busting attacks, then I yeah, they'll be in this fight. But as of now, they will both be trapped in bubbles provided by Quasar and Nova.

Quasar is also immune to telepathic assault and mind control. So Meggan will be doing nothing of the sort to him.

Additionally, Billy will revert to human form if he is hit by lightning. I have Quasar who can easily restrain Billy Batson long enough for Thor to tag him with a lightning bolt, revert him to his human form, and then kill him with the next blow.

I apologize, most of these are off respect threads

Cyborg Superman alone should be able to do more than you would think here....

Traps you say? Well that'll be no problem. Most of them I assume are mechanical or electrical. Before the fights start your team will have to dodge your own traps because Hank will have already taken control of them...within moments of the fight starting. As for Doom's armor, you claim that he can simply create something to keep him and Ultron out, but face it, Iron Man has hacked him MULTIPLE times, and Iron Man doesn't come close to Hank in technopathy. Proof is below.

In a physical fight he has it in him to take Grundy, Meggan, Batson, or Etrigan in a one vs. one battle. And he has proven he can hold multiple, maybe not for the win, but he can easily hold them off for quite awhile.

Hank Henshaw Dominates Superboy

Hank Henshaw trumps the Eradicator...

Depowered Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, Eradicator, AND Steel at the same time...

He is able to take full control of Steel's suit and force it to make him choke himself. The team ends up winning in the end, but one cannot help but admire the strength and speed this guy holds in his hands.

Doom's armor is something similar to an Iron Man suit. And he is barely able to keep Iron Man out (who has hacked into his suit multiple times, and the two have hacked each other in a stand off before). Henshaw has technopathy on a planetary scale...

Henshaw is able to create devices in Superman Red/Blue out of his body on the spot.

Over and above all this, he can heal himself on the spot (repair himself, but whatever)

Quasar is more than enough to drain any energy attacks you can put out, as well as protect himself and my team, and slow yours down with waves of constructs...

The best energy absorber in comic, at least pre-cosmic teambuster level. He has light constructs, he's a genius, he's extremely versatile, and his speed and energy attacks are unmatched.

Quantum Jump

Pretty much a teleport, here he figures out how to do it while containing the effect. Showing both intelligence and ability.

Quasar instantly reacts to an explosion capable of wiping out an alternate Earth. He survives this, reacts almost instantly. Also, he can sense energy levels. Traps are going to be hard to get past someone with that sort of ability...

Quasar absorbs a sun

Survives a Nega Bomb

Constructs and a Construct Army...

Didn't give them a nanoseconds grace huh?

Creates a molasses construct to stop Makkari's speed blitz, and tanks a ton of blows from Makkari, both impressive...

Quasar draining a bunch of people of their energy, by sucking it right out of their body....

Creates a helmet and a club to defend himself.


Ulron has mind control, hypnosis, an indestructible adamantium body, extreme technopathy, and etc.

He'll be able to take Eiling out of the battle, who has proven that even Batman can hypnotize him. Ultron should be more than capable of handling him right off the bat, I don't even need to put him in a bubble really, but I will be anyway.

Ultron is really, REALLY smart! He's also able to hack Tony Stark. Who has proven to be Doom's equal in terms of firewalls and security. Imagine that.

Inferior models of Ultron are capable of projecting mind controlling waves from his eyes...

Paralyzes the Avengers...and the Fantastic Four

Self Repair? Yep, he's got that

Iron Man was able to harm him, so he must not be that durable right? Well, unfortunately no, Ultron these days is made of Adamantium...

Force Fields to protect his insides, as shown against Wonder Man

More proof of internal shields. Though they break through it this time and destroy him. Later he reassembles himself and he comes back though.

City Disintegrating Technology? Yep, he's created that.

Electromagnetic? I got Magneto, but Ultron can also do that.

Lets not forget the fate of Slorene, at Ultron's hands.

Ultron 6 vs. the Avengers

Ultron is nearly indestructible...

Beta Ray Bill easily matches Billy. And probably most of your team. He is fast, strong, smart, and extremely versatile.

Beta Ray Bill is not like Thor, he won't be holding back. He will use his power to the best of his ability, and he will go in for a quick win. He's proven he's tactically sound, and that he's powerful enough to hand with the big boys.

Beta Ray Bill vs. Ego

Beta Ray Bill demonstrates that he can teleport here.

Opens up a wormhole, and brings forth a barrage of comets to pummel Ego, who is attempting to absorb a fleet of ships by increasing his gravitational pull

Re-absorbs the energy he had previously taken from Ego. Again, tremendous amounts of energy absorption on BRB's part.

Too fast for Beta Ray Bill? Hardly, the guy hangs with Galactus's heralds. No proof that that makes him fast or has good reflexes you say? Well, he can block energy attacks fired from only a few meters away with his hammer.

Beta Ray Bill vs. Stardust

That orb, IIRC, holds the souls of a bunch of Korbonites. You can see Bill is fast enough to block an energy beam with his hammer here.

Stardust lets loose an all-out blast against Bill, and he takes stands his ground.

Beta Ray Bill UNLOADS back at Stardust....

Lets just go ahead and pin Stardust to the planet....with her own weapon...

Blasts down at her, and then is INSTANTLY back on top of her....

Thor vs. Beta Ray Bill....BEFORE he had Stormbreaker...

Beta Ray Bill disarms Thor

Without his hammer, Thor reverts to his regular form. Beta Ray Bill was holding his own just fine before this, and this is without Stormbreaker.

Beta Ray Bill vs. Alpha Ray

Beta Ray Bill tanks a planet busting attack from Galactus AFTER fighting Alpha Ray....

Fights with Alpha Ray when he is the herald of Galactus, and tanks a shot from Galactus.

BRB Survives, and continues to fight.

Beta Ray Bill vs. Omega Ray

I will rip out your soul and feed it to you.

Magneto gives me a tactical genius, and the most powerful electromagnetic user in comics.

He has shields, he can rip a man to shreds from the iron in their blood, he can use an EMP to wipe someone's mind, he is a tactical genius, and has proven his power to be unstoppable.

Shields capable of withstanding a couple nukes...

Against Apocalypse

Magneto's clone, Joseph, is capable of opening up the Earth with his powers. Also shows off some more intelligence feats...

Magneto drops a mountain on a small army...

Energy attacks are useless against Magneto, so there goes that option.

Amps his strength high enough to break Hercules's bear hug

Nova Prime, aka Richard Rider. The man has speed, durability, strength, and the Worldmind.

He is a genius because of the Worldmind. Over and above this he has physical stats that allow him to fight with people like the Silver Surfer for an extended time (he lost that fight).

Nova's Upgrade

Nova Prime vs. Xenith

Pre-Nova Prime, Rider was still able to match Xenith

Floods his energy into his right fist...and WHAM!

Nova Prime vs. Annihilus

Where is the gap in his armor? Through his mutha $%&ing mouth, that's where!

Nova Prime vs. the Sphinx


FTL Travel Speed, Check

Hala System Sentinel Fight

Turns out, Speedblitz exists outside of the DC Universe... Not Richard Rider, but she inherits the Nova powers. Ko-Rel I think her name is, temporary Nova Prime.

Yeah, he's been hurt, but he gets back up

Kor-El vs. Richard Rider

Hacking and downloading data from enemy technology? Yeah, he can do that...

Psionic Shields, just in case of telepathic assault.

So advantages for my team:

  • Complete telepathic resistance across my team
  • Extreme Energy Absorbers
  • More Regenerators
  • Almost a full team of prep gods
  • Almost everybody has shields
  • Quasar has auto-shields against any physical attack, so harming him via energy is useless because of his energy absorbing, and harming him physically is difficult because of his auto-shields

Prep Time?


  • Yep, Quasar through SHIELD, Ultron through himself, and probably Magneto through one organization or the other has access to adamantium. Why is this important? Well, you won't be going up against Cyborg Superman in his regular Kryptonian strength metal body. You'll be going against Hank Henshaw in a shiny new Adamantium body, all thanks to Ultron and using one of the many drones that Supes can meld into his body.
  • Over and above this, I will be hoarding a full pile of adamantium bullets or just random sized chunks, this will come in handy later.


  • I have Richard Rider with the Worldmind. I should be pretty much familiarized with your team not too long after the battle starts, with whatever information I don't already know.
  • Magneto will sense any and all traps you could possibly set up, as well as Ultron, Quasar, and Hank. Any and all traps you place will be instantly put under my control moments after the battle has started. Ultron can hack Tony Stark with zero issue, someone who has proven to be Doctor Doom's equal technologically. Hacking Doom will be a cinch, especially with Hank and Rider with around.
  • Magneto is coming into this fight with a whole bunch of adamantium bullets and scraps. Using his powers, he will use these scraps to blender any on your team foolish enough to attack him. That's assuming, of course, he can't EMP their mind, or destroy them with the metals in their body.
  • Ultron and Hank will be working together. Hank will be given the adamantium body from one of Ultron's bots or former bodies. But more importantly, he will give Henshaw his mind controlling devices.
  • Quasar and Beta Ray Bill can teleport and warp. I might not be able to BFR your team, but if Quasar creates a shield around someone, Beta Ray Bill can use his hammer to teleport your team members into those shields and trap them. If the shields can hold off the entire Avengers Roster, they should hold against your team for awhile.
  • Quasar will drain any being on your team

Your Team

  • Meggan was mind controlled by Dracula. Thanks to Ultorn, both Hank and him/itself will have mind controlling attacks. Meggan could be out of this fight relatively quickly, and I know she's an empath, but she's been mind controlled before, so there's that.
  • General Eiling is also very susceptible to telepathic assault. So Ultron or Hank will be able to take him out of the fight almost right away.
  • Billy Batson is fast, but he's not so far above Bill that he can dodge lightning all day. Quasar will help Bill as soon as Grundy is restrained (which will literally take less than a nanosecond), to slow down Billy, and that will give Bill the time needed to revert him back to human form and KO or kill him.
  • Doctor Doom will have his armor hacked by Ultron, Hank, and Nova simultaneously, and Magneto will crush him. His armor was ripped off by the Sentry before, so we know it's not indestructible, or something he can fortify to be with prep time. It's also been damaged and hacked by Iron Man. And damaged by several other people. He may be a prep god, but even with prep he is taken down by the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the Dark Avengers, Thor, and so many others more often than not.
  • The rest comes to a numbers battle, and your team doesn't have the ability to stand against mind when outnumbered.
  • FOR SURE Eiling will be going down almost instantly thanks to his lack of speed, and my team's ability to mind control him right off the bat. So this battle starts as 6 vs. 5.
  • Then we have Solomon Grundy being trapped in a shield that can tank blows from a full Avengers Roster, so now it's 6 vs. 4.
  • Then we have Quasar and Bill taking on Captain Marvel. Which unfortunately due to Batson's weakness turns this into a 2 shot wonder, making this 6 vs. 3.
  • Doom will have his armor shut down almost right away, and then probably crushed, making this 6 vs. 2.
  • Meggan has been assaulted telepathically before, and Ultron can affect multiple people at once with his paralyzing attack or mental assaults. So while Eiling is being assaulted telepathically, she will be assault at the same time, making this 6 vs. 1. Oh, and Ultron is a machine and is more than capable of mentally assaulting her while he and Hank are technopathically assaulting Doom's armor.
  • Etrigan cannot handle my entire team, he just can't.

As for Doom's armor being destroyed by Magneto. Magneto has magnetic attacks on a planet wide scale. He has also gone so far as to control Mjonlir with his powers (no, not referring to ultimate).

Sentry is powerful, I know, but Mags isn't exactly weak against metal, and Sentry was able to demolish Doom's armor:

Thanks for reading,


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Yeah I am giving my vote to

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lol entertaining

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@Backflip said:

Yeah I am giving my vote to

Seconded. Floopay gave a far more comprehensive strategy and feats for his team. Floopay FTW here.

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@Lvenger said:

@Backflip said:

Yeah I am giving my vote to

Seconded. Floopay gave a far more comprehensive strategy and feats for his team. Floopay FTW here.

@Esquire said: