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Scenario! - The Jedi Temple

A bastion of hope, the Jedi Temple has stood for millennia. A symbol of the Jedi's dominance, and influence on Coruscant's skyline.


Team A

- Protect the Jedi Temple from the invaders

Team B

- Assault and storm the Temple

But above all,

Eliminate the enemy at all costs.


Team A start the centre of the Temple, at the foot of the Spire. Team B start at public center (The round docking bay in the first picture)


- Eliminate the team.

- No permanent BFR

- You're allowed to make use of any of the Temple's defenses or structures

- Both Teams get 1 days worth of Prep. Team B get dossiers on their opponents after 6 hours, whereas Team A only get knowledge about who they're fighting 1 hour before the match, however, they are allowed free access to roam and familiarize themselves with the Temple during their Prep.

- The Prep allows you to make use of any of your resources, however I draw the line at inviting other people into the match. For Example. No Minions/Armies/LMDs however, if you had Madrox I'd allow duplicates naturally.

- No Time Manipulation or Reality Warping

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dang. cool team rosters. get this goin guys!!!!

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im glad this started but im supost to go agaisnt bluelantern1995

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@marvelbeast: He hadn't been on for more than a week when this was made, so we put you against Batatest since he'd been on more recently, just to be safe/