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I always hated the part in Alien Ressurection when the NewBorn killed the queen, i believe the queen was caught of guard and could have killed it in a fair fight, Who do you think the Newborn can defeat?

First up the young part human queen from resurrection, she can move around and is not in labour.

Both of them want each other dead fight takes place in the Queen chamber on the Weyland ship

Predalien from the godawful and extremley disapointing AVP requiem, can it defeat him?

10 alien drones

Newborn against the Queen from aliens, she is mobile and she is also far larger and stronger than the alien ressurection queen.

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The Newborn killed the Queen by suprise other than that the Newborn doesn't have any feats. The Newborn loses all rounds, the Predalien was strong enough to manhandle Wolf, the Newborn would be overwhelmed by 10 Drones, he might have the power to kill a Drone outright but the other 8-9 will use their tails and mess the Newborn up, and lastly the Newborn would lose against the Queen, the Queen is bigger and faster and very durable.

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@niBBit: Good, im glad someone agrees with me.