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The alternate reality version of Gambit takes on the new-52 Green Lantern. Hal Jordan The mindset for both is in character but willing to kill. BFR is not allowed. They start off 600 meters apart in the air. Who takes it?

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New Sun

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Wait... Gambit is Doctor Manhattan?

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Hahaha, this actually made me laugh.

As for your question, of course not.

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New sun as didn't he kill galactus & everything else in his universe before coming to kill gambit ? as no green lantern could beat somebody with that power .

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What if Hal had Parallax power?

Hes said to have some reality warping power but new sun to the very sense was a kinetic god with Total Kinetic Control: New Son had control of kinetic energy at a molecular level. He could turn an object's potential energy into kinetic energy, making it explosive. He does not need to make physical contact to do so, nor does he have a block to prevent him from using this on a living being.He can cause another being to be unable to move or unable to stop if in motion. He was able to cause or simulate various energies by manipulating the kinetic energy present, such as infrared and microwaves by increasing molecular agitation, or cold by reducing it.Lastly he could transform himself into an energy wave to travel through space and into other dimensions.so i have no clue if new sun could beat him but going by new suns power i think he might have a chance .

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Well then, I guess this match is less fair than I thought.