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An idea for a new type of interactive type battle where Viners get to compete with other Viners in not just Comic knowledge and debating style, but also in people skills and strategy has been formulating in my brain for some time.

However I lack the time and energy to manage such a thing, as is evidenced by every thread I ever run eventually falling apart because I no longer have the time or ambition to run it. So, because I am so excited about this idea I thought I would crowd source it to all of you to create your own threads in this style. In this thread I will provide basic layout/set-up/rules and you can expound upon it with your own style. Let me know what you guys think.

Hunger Games: Interactive

Step 1: The Reaping - This is the first step. You post a thread seeking contestants who want to participate in your Hunger Games. Volunteers can either be immediately taken on a first come, first serve basis until you fill as many slots as you want (Could be anywhere between 8-16 IMHO) or you can take a bunch of volunteers and then draw names out of a hat to fill your slots....either way works.

Step 2: Personal Workout - After your roster is chosen they must all pick a character to be their avatar in the game. You must provide rules for character selection to make the battles as fair and entertaining as possible, just like with any tournament. (I would make Captain America or Batman the upper limit but obviously it's your choice) Once your contestants have chosen their avatars they must post them in the thread. Obviously you cant have two people using the same characters as an avatar. The term avatar just means that is their skill/power/ability set. For example if you choose Batman you debate as if you were debating for Batman, but it's your consciousness so you get to make all the strategic decisions and alliances that you want. Now everyone can see what everyone else can do.

Step 3: Alliances - After that the next step is to give the contestants a day or so to build their alliances (via PM) with other Tributes. This means that everything is secretive and makes for interesting developments.

Step 4: Unveiling - At this point and this point only can you unveil the location of the battle. This should be a new thread where you post a detailed explanation of the setting (map), what weapons are found in the cornucopia, etc. Establish a very thorough set of directions and rules.

Step 5: Debate - The characters reveal their alliances and argue how the scenario would play out using their debating skills as well as their comic knowledge, people skills, teamwork, and strategy. Characters will have to reply to other character's posts countering and explaining how it should work out.

Step 5.: Elimination - A vote should be held at the end of each day to eliminate a specified number of contestants. Basically if you have 16 contestants for example, the 4 with the most votes for the worst performance would be eliminated. As the numbers get smaller, say there's 4 or 6 people left you may choose to eliminate fewer people per round.You may also choose to let people send helpful items to certain viners they like (for example a compass, a canteen with fresh water, some bandages, etc) To do this I would just post what the item is and then whoever gets the most votes for it gets the item.

Miscellaneous: You can also add different challenges that they must face each elimination round such as the monkeys, fog, etc from Catching Fire.

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Really thought there's be some interest...

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My birthday isn't for another 3.5 weeks. Keep your gift until then.

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My birthday isn't for another 3.5 weeks. Keep your gift until then.


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@lunacyde said:

Really thought there's be some interest...

I like this idea, I think I'll try this for my next tournament.

Bookmarked it.

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@reaverlation: Aw, thanks man. I really appreciate it. I'm sure somebody will make a birthday thread for the best there is though!

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Could be pretty cool. I would seriously enjoy using Ninjak for this type of thing.

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@wolverine08: No problem ^_^

Best there is?@comicstooge is proving that wrong right now ;)

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nice idea i am managing my own tourny ATM but i just might set this up

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Good idea, I might have to shamelessly steal borrow it.

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Well it seems no one liked it enough to actually make one.

perhaps too complicated for the unwashed masses.

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@lunacyde: The thing is that this is a pretty hefty undertaking. The internet is not exactly conducive to compelling participation and this requires a high level of participation to function. Anyone electing to undertake this is saddling themselves with a mountain of work.

All that said, it is a good idea but overall just too much work.

I've been working on my own scenario since Dane's last Surprise Showdown and it has taken quite a bit of time and I am not even done yet.