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location: New York City

no morals

who wins and why

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interesting. can you please state exact lineup of guardians team?

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team in pic


Rocket Raccoon




Adam Warlock- not magus yet

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Looks Like Gamora, Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax and Not sure who the last guy is looks kinda like Adam Warlock though. Oh also Phyla-Vell.

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New Avengers win then, they have too many strong/durable members that guardians can't compete with. Gamora and wolverine would be a great fight! doc strange and Adam..hmmmmm, think doc takes it. phyla and ms. marvel.....carol wins. starlord and spidey......ha! spidey mops the floor w/ him.........ben and luke tag team drax to a victory...........and tehn Iron fist vs. rocket racoon??? LMFAO!!!!!!!

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Guardians win

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current Strange is stupid, he couldn't even recognize chaos magic

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Ill say avengers

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Probably comes down to Thing, Ms. Marvel, and Doc Strange against Warlock, Phyla, and Drax

These versions of Strange and Warlock would likely have themselves a good batle and it could probably go either way...but i'd give a slight advantage to Strange.

Drax vs Thing is a pretty evenly matched Slugfest as well. Their Strength levels are probably equivalent. Once again it could probably go either way.

Ms. Marvel vs Phyla-Veil. I think Carol's Energy absorption gives her the win here...and then she can move on to help Ben with Drax.

AVengers win after a tough battle.

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Guardians definitely take this. None of them have an answer for Adam Warlock. This guy is major planet buster. Drax takes on Wolverine and Spider-Man. Rocket could definitely use some advanced tech to annihilate iron fist. Gamora and starlord could take thing and cage, gamora is as strong as Cage and has already proven to take down the thing in one hit. Depending on which phyla, I can see ms.marvel vs phyla going either way. Warlock against the non-sorcerer supreme strange would be interesting but I think Adam would pull it off in this case. If Strange were SS things would be very different.