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I know it's early in these two characters being written just under 20 issues in all of their appreances in comics. But here it is I didn't see this anywhere on Comicvine so sorry if it's already been done.

Morals on.

Fight starts in Metropolis, the sun is high in the sky and both are standing 20 feet from each other.

So what are your thoughts and who wins?

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Supes spite! What made you think this is fair?

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Superman takes it. Superboy's TK won't be enough to save him.

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SPITE,or do you really think kal and lexs dna together mutated into something more powerful than superman himself?

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Stupid thread... Why ask this man. It's in the damn name! MAN VS BOY!

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well they have had the younger guy beat the older before,its not gonna happen here,but it has happened.