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Captain Universe, Abyss and Ex-Nihilo would be too much for him. Nightmask and Starbrand should give him trouble as well.

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@ghostravage: damnit.....i give up.....let this thread die. i forgot about universe and ex nihilo and night mask and starbrand.......

#53 Posted by GhostRavage (10887 posts) - - Show Bio

@sog7dc: MMH has the Silver Surfer syndrome... He's too powerful for normal powerhouses but too weak for powerful powerhouses.

#54 Posted by SOG7dc (10778 posts) - - Show Bio

@ghostravage: i didnt think he was THAT strong at first (originally this thread was MM vs Thor) but it seems as though youre right.

#55 Posted by comic_book_fan (6543 posts) - - Show Bio

hulk hyperion thor or captain universe would give him trouble alone all together they win and pretty easily this fight is silly.

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As far as thor goes, his TP resistance feats can best be described as inconsistent. Only problem is, how good are New 52 Manhunters TP feats?

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@zmasonite: he did this one cool thing where he went to the whitehouse and they had all these alarm systems in place to detect if any superhuman entered. we're talking scales so they could detect shapeshifters, phase resistant walls, cameras everywhere etc. and he let all of them go off bu used telepathy to make them "see what i wanted them to see"

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@sog7dc said:

@cgoodness: i was wondering the same thing....does MM even have a weakness to fire in the new 52? and if he does Thorcan make it rain fire but if MM does in fact still have the weakness how much is he effected by it i wonder?

Yes it sill affects him. It makes him think about mars and brings back the pain of his dead loved ones.

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@solon: what he said. Mmh wins here

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Would have a problem with just Thor but the whole Avengers would be a stomp. Capt. Universe ftw

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I think J'onn would beat them.