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Kryptonians vs Lanterns


(Hal, Sinestro, John, and Guy)


- Only feats from the new 52 apply

- Morals on

- No prep

- Fight starts in New York City

- No BFR

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I know Supes owned Hal pretty badly in that early Flashback comic in Justic League, but I don't know how much Hal has improved since then.

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I've read all Pre-Flashpoint of Johns' GL run, all Green Lantern Corps and specials. A lot of Rayner as lead Lantern in volume 3. That's it. Not read any other Green Lantern comic unless they're involved in some events pre-Johns' Green Lantern. And my opinion hasn't changed. My opinion is still, Superman one on one with Hal should destroy him. Post-Flashpoint, not read many comics, not had the time except for Action, JL and TT.

Must ask, is it only Sinestro, Hal and Kyle? Or are Guy and John involved?

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@Supreme Marvel:  
Yeah only Sinestro, Hal, and Kyle  
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Not sure

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Kryptonians wins,they have far more best feats

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I added Guy and John if that makes it fairer
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@matchesmalone21 said:

Kryptonians wins,they have far more best feats

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@buttersdaman000: Ye,this make the fight fair!!

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Lanterns have been less than impressive in the N52, to be honest.

Hal's constructs have been shattered...like...well, a lot. Superman and Wonder Woman have both shattered Hal's constructs, Wonder Woman doing so several times, with little to no effort.

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@ChaosBlazer said:

@matchesmalone21 said:

Kryptonians wins,they have far more best feats

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Might have to go with the Kryptonians on this one.

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Eh, it's rather subjective. Considering general feats from the encounters of Jordan(arguably the most "powerful" Lantern) and Superman (most powerful Kryptonian), Clark was wrecking him and this was apparently five years prior to the present so we would assume Clark's powers were relatively weaker than they are presently.

So essentially, I'd say Clark would defeat any of the Lanterns in a one-on-one fight but I'm not sure how Kara and Kon would hold up against Sinestro, Guy, John and Kyle. From what I've seen, Clark's represented greater feats than what Kara has but I could be wrong (please feel free to correct me) but generally as Kryptonians, their in the same ballpark. Kon may be a weak-point in the group but also may make up for it with his telekinesis or whatever it's called.

Close fight but it depends on teamwork. I'd easily edge it out to the Lanterns on this one with the possible exception of Sinestro. Kryptonians have the sheer advantage in physical prowess though.

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They are my favorite, but people give lanterns WAY too much credit. Any lantern can be bested by someone moving faster than humans can react. Honestly i think PC Superman could take out the corps. If you use simple mathematics you can solve this problem. So there are 3600 lanterns and one superman. If the fight takes place in space lets assume that superman is flying at two times the speed of light. This is roughly 360000 miles every second! Now Lets say the lanterns are somewhat spread out. In fact we can say that they're all a mile apart. So now we have all these lanterns somewhere in space and superman decides to fly at them (which at these speeds would atomize anything in existence). Now as he flies it would actually take longer for the lanterns to actually see the others atomized before they actually get atomized by Kal-El. This won't even allow for the poor guys to react! In fact the gap of time between each lanterns downfall is only about one hundredth of a second apart which is a bit too fast for any person to react. But even then, that's just reaction speed. Reaction speed and reflex both require a stimulus to activate either response. The problem here is that they have nothing to respond to. I say this because all they have to go off of is the one in front of the, exploding. Now they will notice this, but superman is traveling faster than light. So his fist will actually hit the next lantern before the light of him exploding even reaches any of the spots ahead of him... Wow! These unfortunate fellows don't stand a chance. Hahahaha I love the lanterns they are all great characters, but superman alone could take the entire corps..... If we're using logic that is :)