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Random Encounter 
Morals off 
They get all the power 
they had in their movies 
Who wins and why?
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Neo. Faster and he could fly. Not to mention the other abilities like phasing.

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Neo stomps him into oblivion.He is better than him.

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The One had some element of great stats - can't recall him having anything on Neo outside perhaps stamina.

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really? i would have though that jet has better fighting skills and speeds at least on par with neo.

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Limit this to just martial arts,  no fancy Matrix powers, then we'll talk.
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As it stands....Neo jumps into Gabe's belly and splodes him

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Neo is the one stomp him.

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Neo wins, it is not fair. The One is not close to Neo from when he first start in the Matrix. "The One" only chance is when he sparring with Morpheus.