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fight takes place in Raccoon City during the outbreak.
Predator has been killing the various Zombies for sport when he notices a Star lab chopper drop equipment into the center of the city.
He sees a large creature being unloaded as it steps out from one of the cargo planes.

Nemesis gears up and massacres the Zombies as he walks through the streets unchallenged.. Predator's interest is peaked and issues out a challenge with a roar.. Nemesis looks up and scans the direction of the sound sees the predator on a roof top... the office personal tell nemesis to engage..Nemesis roars back.
1) standard fight
2)  h2h
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Predator should win.

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either way both are:


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@castleking said:
" either way both are:

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Predator should win here in a all out battle, they simply have access to better tech and weaponry, if it was only a h2h combat it could be interesting tho...
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Predator Easily. Soon as it goes out of view, Nemesis would never see it again before a staff is jammed through its skull.
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Predator, Nemesis may be able to soak alot of bullets but he doesnt really stand a chance against the plasma cannon the Predators carry around

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@ReverseNegative said:
" Predator. "
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@Outside_85 said:
" Predator, Nemesis may be able to soak alot of bullets but he doesnt really stand a chance against the plasma cannon the Predators carry around "
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Predator wins.

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Yep, gotta agree with Predator.
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what about h2h

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All out fight- Predator

H2h- depends, if you include melee weapons, the predator still wins. In a fistfight, probably Nemesis.

But Predators are immensely strong as well...

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Strength wise Nemesis is the stronger of the two plus has limited regen - however Predators have much better tech. It also depends of which version of the Predator. I'm assuming it's the one from the original movie version (who only had brawl h2h skill).

Standard fight: Predator

H2h - Nemesis

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Predator, but it would take a good long time.

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Nemesis. Not even a gigantic railgun was able to kill him, he'd be able to soak enough punishment until he catches the Predator with a tentacle, effectively infecting it with the virus, a la Jill Valentine.

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Predator 1st round quite easily. 2nd round the yautja still wins. Strength is equal, Durability edge to nemesis but the Yautja is extremely durable as well. Speed and Skill go to the Predator by a long shot thus giving him the win.

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@Nefarious said:

Predator wins.
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predator pwns