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Nemesis Vs Backlash Vs Midnighter (all Wildstorm versions)

Round 1:

  • Morals On
  • Unarmed Only h2h
  • No prep
  • Win by Death, KO or Incap

Round 2:

  • Morals On
  • No abilities/gear just skill vs skill
  • All are armed with Katana's
  • No Prep
  • Win by Death, KO or Incap

Round 3:

  • Morals On
  • Standard Gear
  • No Prep
  • Midnighter is allowed Doors but he cannot BFR with them
  • Backlash is semi-Gen-factor (purple whips)
  • All have knowledge on each other
  • Win by Death, KO or Incap


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Backlash wins round 1. He's been stated as the best H2H combatant in Wildstorm.

Nemesis/Midnighter for round 2. Nighter stalemated Zealot with a staff, while Nemesis has training from Zealot, who IMO is the best swords-person in Wildstorm.

Backlash for round 3. He has the strength and endurance to keep up due to his half Kheuribum heritage, and his misting and whips should give him the win. Midnighter comes a decent second.

And as is custom in a Wildstorm thread

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1: Midnighter - Backlash is better skillwise, but Midnighter's body is probably too much for him to get by with just his fists, and the combat computer would cut down on the usefulness of Backlash's acrobatics. It's harder to dodge when the enemy knows where you'll end up, and evasion is a big part of Backlash's fights. Actually, I shouldn't take Nemesis out of the running. Her empathy (not to mention her skill) gives her a level of move prediction, and she's an excellent fighter. I'd put her and Backlash as about equal probably. I don't think Nemesis existed when claims for Backlash's skill were made, so how she stacks up in that sense is unclear, but I'd put Nemesis as a better fighter than Zealot (unless swords are involved, then Zealot beats everyone by reputation alone). But though Nemesis isn't ruled out, getting past Midnighter's physical superiority is probably too much for her. When they fought before and she had drugged him up, he was still beating down on her with no weapons, and really only slipped up with Jack got involved, though it should be said that she was holding back as well.

2: Nemesis/Backlash - Pure skill, no powers of any sort, Midnighter falls short. Backlash has gone sword to sword with Zealot and not looked bad, but Nemesis makes a habit of it.

3: Best fight ever - I can't say who'd win. 2 of the characters have precog and the third is skilled enough that he's not far behind on awareness and can simply turn intangible when he needs to. Backlash has the best range, but Nemesis can shut him down with her blades if the whips get too close and Midnighter's teleportation means he can be anywhere to engage either character but also avoid anything. His explosives make him dangerous on another level, but intangibility and precog+shields for nemesis can negate that. I think it's a stalemate, though if anyone's the weak link it's probably Backlash since he'd get tired first. The others benefit from having part of their defense be tech instead of them having to physically do something.