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After a thousand years in Planet earth, Nemesis Cole Macgrath travels to DC Earth, where he confront The Justice League and easily beats the heck out of them. At a final stand to protect The Earth, Superman and Cole fight on the Wall Street to decide the fate of the planet.

-Nemesis power is proportional to it's lifespawn. In this case nemesis is over a thousand years old.

-New Superman 52.

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this can only work on speculation since we have no idea how powerful cole will be in 1000 years.( he might live that long with the beasts power). his core power set isnt enough.... neither are his sub power sets of fire/ice. the only thing that might work is the beasts powers and the only way i see those working is if the beasts can alter supes on the molecular level in a negative way. if that doesnt work... supes for the win

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The beast. He destroys everything in his ways with just a touch. He destroyed 10 000 miles of cities . He summon a Volcano storm that make supes melt down or be crushed beneath it.

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Superman, murder-stomps.