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Each force is gonna have a squad of 10 soldiers, so its gonna be a 10 vs. 10 team deathmatch

Navy Seals Weaponry: M4 Assault Rifle, MP5 , Pistol, Knife, C4, and 4 frag grenades.

Spetsnaz Weaponry: AK-47, AK-74u, Pistol, Knife, 2 semtex, and 4 frag grenades.

Scenario: 10 Navy Seals arrive at an unknown base on a recon mission, the base is under the control of 10 Spetsnaz soldiers, soon they encounter each other and its an all out firefight....which military force will win ??

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Specnaz Stomps

At least make it 2-3 to 10

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both the navy seals and the spetsnaz are generally on the same level, however if we're talking about SEAL team 6 that's another story, since SEAL team 6 is on another level of navy seals, and when the sooting starts? DEVGRU aka SEAL team 6 operators ( who have roughly 300 operators) fires more rounds of ammunition than the entire marine corps (who have thousands) in training so you say that they're pretty much unbeatable in a firefight.

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On what planet are 3 spetsnaz taking 10 of our seals? Keep dreaming!

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Hur dur. The seals.