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Was kind of bored and decided on this battle. Both are pretty insane with fire and physical attributes. Hope this is not a stomp.

Morals are on, they have no knowledge of each other, all standard means of victory are accepted.

They fight takes place in the Colosseum with each contestants starting at the opposite end of the arena.

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Can someone post Natsu's feats? Sadly, I skipped ft quite early because of other mangas. Catching up on it though, doesn't this guy eat fire? It doesn't seem very good idea to Go against the strongest shinigami Just because you're good with fire though. He has immense physical strength, and seemingly a master of kidou etc as well (Considering he did a lvl 90 one right after tanking a city leveller with one arm.) Has natsu gone against something the old man's Ban kai?

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Don't watch Fairytale but I've read Natsu can eat fire/heat. So I'm guessing it comes down to h2h or magic.

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If it comes down to h2h and magic, then Genryusai stomps him so hard.

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Natsu is really powerful and is also very versatile due to having the Dragon Force as well as Laxus lightning but Yamamoto should beat him pretty easily due to being faster as well as being the greater and more skilled combatant.

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Yamamoto can just, you know, cut him in half.