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Nate and Lara team up to go on a treasure hunting expedition in a non-descript South American jungle. Upon entering the ancient ruin they were seeking, they are quickly and unwittingly transported to a dark and seemingly un-inhabited cave. Popping a glow stick, they decide to explore.

After a short exploritory period, Nate and Lara realize that they are in fact not alone and have wandered into the middle of a large nest-like area litered with large unhatched eggs. Moving quickly, and quietly, creatures could be heard moving in the dark, shadowy background. One suddenly jumped into the light and attacked. It was a large man-like, reptilian creature, and so equiped with their standard spread of weapons, the 2 explorers open fire in order to defend themselves, completely catching the large sauran creature off guard. More attack, and more bullets are let free from their weapons.

A fire fight in full effect, Nate and Lara notice a light off in the distance, so they keep distance between themselves and the large creatures with there bullets, while they also to make a break for the light at the end of the tunnel. Being chased by dozens of creatures, in a last ditch effort to slow their persuers, they toss a few grenades which causes a cave in, presumably killing all inside, as they clear the mouth of the cave. The 2 adventurers quickly make their way into the dense jungle brush to distance themselves from the carnage.

Some distance away Reptile hears the explosion and makes his way to his home lair.

Upon arriving home, Reptile witnesses a horrific sight that send him into a frenzy of rage and sadness. Seeing his home in ruins and the bullet laidend carcasses of a few of his bretheren who were trapped and/or crushed by the caved in cave mouth, sends him in to a bloodlusted state, and he is now completely focused on finding and killing whoever, or whatever, was resposible for his lose. Collecting himself, Reptile finds 2 sets of tracks leading away from his destroyed lair, and so he sets out to find the killers of his people.

- Nate is now armed with only a combat knife and rifle with 2 mags, and Lara has her signature pistols with 2 clips, and a combat knife

- Reptile has all feats and abilitys from games and other media


Can Lara and Nate survive?

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Hmm, I gotta say Reptile may do them in

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Lara* can solo this. She killed dragons, immortal gods, undeads, dinossaurs, demons, magical beings and who knows what else.

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Anyone else think Lara* could solo?

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Gotta go with Reptile.

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@onilordasmodeus: It's Lara, not Laura. Or am I missing something here? But yes, I believe she can solo.

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My bad. "Laura" just rolls off the finger tips. But I doubt Lara* can solo Reptile.

You are right in that Lara has defeated many different types of enemies on her adventures, but she didn't do so with just her pistols (2 clips) and a knife. Plus Reptile isn't a shambling undead or a large raging beast; he's a trained assassin with superhuman speed, invisibilty, a wealth of other tricks both at range and up close.

If Lara is going to win she's gonna need some help.

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Reptile kills them.