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•Team 1: Naruto-Bijuu mode, Sasuke-fresh eyes with fully fleshed Susanoo, Kakashi with Mangekyou sharingan, Guy with all 8-gates open.

•Team 2: Raikage Ay-V2 flared hair, Killer bee using 8-tails beasts chakara like Naruto, Madara with Eternal Mangekyou sharingan.

•Fighting area: Barren wasteland.

•Prep time: 1 day.

•No one's holding back, No morals, bloodlust, intent to KILL!.

•Both teams 20 feet apart.

Let me know which team wins, and give brief explanation as to why. Thank you.

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Madara solos

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Team 2

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Madara's just too beast.

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Seeing as Madara took on the entire Kage line, and took on Naruto, Kakashi, Gai and B together.

I'm going to say Team 2.

Albeit he was a zombie but his powers are just ruthless.

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team 2 i guess but still i dont shure

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Madara solos. Spite

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Team 2

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Don't think Madara will solo with just his EMS. Going with Team 1 Naruto lends his team tailed beast chakra kakashi BFR Madara with Kamui leaving raikage and Bee then Naruto solos.

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Team Madara.

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Team Madara. Madara can solo without a problem.