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All parties involved are blood lusted, anything goes. Current versions of all characters involved.

No prep, to the death. Fifty yards apart to start each match.

Can the duo clear the gauntlet?

Round 1

Trickster, Kakashi, Sakura, and Clayface (Fight takes place in Central city.)

Round 2

Tsunade, Wonder Girl, Metallo, and Shikamaru (Hidden Leaf)

Round 3

Killer Bee, Captain Boomerang, and Poison Ivy (Empty village)

Round 4

Gorilla Grodd, Pein(Six Paths), and Konan (Metropolis)

Round 5

Sasuke, Superboy, and the Raikage (Hidden Rain)

Round 6

Obito, Bunker, Cyborg, Orochimaru, Gara, and Captain Cold

Bonus Round

Two hours prep for Bart and Naruto

Challengers: Minato and Barry Allen

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Team stops a one Mirror Master solos.

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Team doesn't have a real counter for Mirror Master. Killing him is pretty damn difficult if he's not jobbing. Otherwise I think they could legit clear.

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Yep, MM is a tough one to take out. Replaced with Trickster.

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They stop at round Five. If by some chance they make it to the Bonus round it stop there.

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They stop at 4. Can Naruto or Bart even counter Grodd`s telepathic abilities?