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Hey everyone! Been away a while, decided to come back for this fight. A while ago someone told me that Naruto characters could NEVER compare to a DBZ character. But, if you keep up with Naruto, you will have seen that he is now pretty OP with the Nine-Tails assistance. So! The fight is Naruto vs Nappa, fight takes place in a field on Earth. Who would win?

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Can he even survive Nappa's two fingers? Let alone Nappa at full power.

And in case you're wondering Master Roshi even admitted his moon busting power would have little to no effect against Nappa or Vegeta.

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Nappa explodes him. Easily.

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The only person on Naruto that can compete with DBZ chatacters is Bijuu mode Naruto and that's only characters pre Dragon ball Z.

People like Madara,Edo,Itachi etc etc can win via genjutsu but becomes futile on characters later on in DBZ.

To answer your question Nappa wins pretty easily

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Nappa with less than no effort. Naruto vs Raditz woulda been better.

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In other words..

Mountain crusher vs Planet Buster.

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@ImTheDamnBatman: I think some one from before DBZ would be a better match...

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Nappa isn't a planet buster. He wins regardless with a casual island busting attack.