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time to start guessing the ultimate n52 kryptonian smackdown of 2013.

in the red corner Superman, PowerGirl, Supergirl, Superboy

in the blue corner H'el

location: Metropolis

morals on, n52 feats only, victory by death, ko, bfr, forfeit

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So far, He'l is winning.

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i think there is something fishy about h'els powers.

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h'el seems to have all mental powers,he could be the first superboy clone,but amped to a extreme level.

so far no one can even come close to h'el,he can stomp them,until we see a weakness we havent seen so far.

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He'l ftw

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@Jayfournines said:

So far, He'l is winning.

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can someone please tell me what some of H'el's powers are. and show some scans, that would be great

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i think h'el may be n52 match

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In superman 16 supes alone seemed to overpower him but h'el used the fortress to transport him outside so im goin for the super family and there estranged other dimension cousin

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Let me explain what's going on. H'el is FOTM and is currently being amped by NVS. He is incredibly lacking in feats.

That said, he has overpowered Superman, Supergirl and Superboy effortlessly, so I don't know how much the scales can be tipped in their favour by adding another Kryptonian.

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I don't adding Power Girl is going to make much of a difference. He already beat the other three simultaneously with ease, so adding Power Girl just will make it slightly less easy for him to woop their butts.

Though I find H'el's very limited feats annoying, they are impressive enough to give him the win.