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- In character all around

- 1 week prep for both. Mystery Men can go to Heller for gear/help.

- Entire Mystery Men team (Shoveler, Blue Raja, Mr. Furious, The Bowler, Invisible Boy, The Sphinx, The Spleen) have heard of this new "threat" prowling the streets, and decide to take matters into the own hands. Little do they know, it's just Bruce Wayne trolling around for new Batman Inc. recruits.

- Mystery Men are post-the events of the movie (Furious has his powers, etc) and they have their training from Sphinx.

- Batman has heard about these upstarts and his contacts tell them that they may be gunning for them. He studies their powers and prepares for the entire team and whatever they may bring.

- Fight takes place in Blue Raja's mom's house.

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they all lose... not like anyone could see him anyway

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Mystery Men

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bumping this from the grave, I know...

But Doc Heller is effing Tom Waits. If anyone could come up with something to counter Batman, it's Tom Waits.

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I hate to say it, but batman .-.

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Good Burger Boy solo

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I don't know the Mystery Men at all, so this might be a little presumptuous but I'm going to side with Batman.

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I love that movie.

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Mr Furious, Bowler, and the Shoveler will be the most problems. As they seemed the most competent combat-wise towards the end of the movie. Not to mention Furious has super-human stats when angered. Blue Raja is good. But I doubt silverware will worry Batman. that Invisi-kid is nothing.

Actually, with prep, none of the team are a threat to Bruce. Though improvisation may provide some chance for an escape. Batman 9/10. I still give a silver of hope, that the team has that 1% chance.

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the Bowler stompz, until she gets a call from Roman

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@ancient_0f_days: if she throws the ball and then Batman KOs her....what does the bowling ball do, just fall? Can it still chase him? Does it bounce randomly?

That said, Batman with prep...vs Mystery Men. Really? Gg

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@thelocust619: can't tell if just you're going with it or you actually thought i was serious ...

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