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My O.C Claire runs the gauntlet against:

Batman (dark knight movie with knowledge of her powers only)

Magneto (X-men First Class, seen feats only)

Spiderman (amazing spiderman movie)

Location: Theme park by the beach. Battle starts 100 yards away from opponent. Claire's most powerful attack is a speed blitz, although that would take a little time to go real fast.


Age: 20

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 150


Enhanced Durability; Bullets and knives would leave a mark but nothing else. She can be killed, it would just be harder than a normal human.

Limited Telekinesis: She can lift any object that is loose and also draw it to her. But that is all. For the power to work she must be in one spot, not walking. It only works on one thing at a time.

Flight: She can fly but at only one speed, 12 mph. So she typically won't use it as a travel power. She flies with her body prone, like superman.

Speed Force Aura: She accelerates like a normal human while running but her acceleration is indefinite. While running her body is protected from speed hazard effects by a protective aura. She has normal reflexes and will suffer if she hits a tree.