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Day one: Scorpion

Day Two: Shocker

Day Three: Vulture

Day 4: Venom

Day 5: Green Goblin

You can add days if you want, location is New York. How far does this go? I think she can clear this. Given that she is roughly what Spidey is and more.

Blackhawk can: Runs fast, accelerates fast as a car.

Jumps ten ft high.

Throw Shockarangs (look like boomerangs but they don't come back) that transform into concussive shockwaves once they get within 6 inches of any surface. She can create and throw these at will.

She is immune to bullets because of a deflector forcefield that protects against things going at that speed. A batarang or a punch could get through.

She is strong /durable enough to lift ten tons.

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Dies at Gargan

Also, your character is not better than Spider-Man, Spidey could outrun a car while running backwards, jump 3 times as high and even though he's officially stated at 10 ton strength, he has Level 50+ feats.

Plus even a brain-damaged Peter Parker could build an improved version of Shockarangs.

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Spidey can't deflect bullets, and she has no upper speed limit, so she could go faster than a car, although it will take her just as long to accelerate.

Plus this battle is not against Spidey. The shockarangs could easily put down most villains with enough hits. I'm pretty sure Scorpion can't run super fast.

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Stops at Venom.

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How? Last I checked sound is Venom's weakness. If one of the shockarangs get's near him the sound from the concussion wave will weaken him. Not to mention the concussive force of the shockwaves.