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No technology is allowed for either of them. Just pure hand-to-hand combat. Since Muhammad Ali is so fast and skilled, can Muhammad Ali punch all the nuts and bolts out-of the T-800's face before the T-800 can even move it's arm an inch? I think Muhammad Ali will make use of his enourmous speed advantage and obliterate the T-800 with his powerful punches. What do you guys think?

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T-800 is technology.

Ali wins by his opponent not showing up.

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@sideslash: Don't be stupid. You know what I meant by technology. I even stated that it's hand-to-hand combat. Technology can mean things like guns, grenades, claymores, C4's, plasma-rifles, time-travelling devices and such. I stated that it would be a T-800 vs Muhammad Ali strictly.

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Have you ever punched a car?

Have you ever been punched by a car?


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Now, let's be serious, how can he even phase a t-800!?

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the bad bad man wins it

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T-800 gets STOMPED

Thanks for reading,


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stupid thread

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@tjsh96: Another mismatch from you. And no need to insult another user.

1st warning for either or. Take your pick.