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Voldemort and his forces have just taken Hogwarts and killed or captured all hostiles

He goes on to conquer the muggle world, Muggles all resources available to them, they have a basic knoledge of who voldemort is as they did in films/novel

Can voldemorts plan work? or would he and his men just get gunned down by a squad of SAS or Navy seals?

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Voldemort stomps.

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Ms Rowling herself said at one point in a battle between a wizard and a muggle with a shotgun the muggle would win (hagrid is the exception not the rule), and hinted that wizards usually have the element of suprise to give them the edge.

Either swatt wins or as a last ditch, muggles evacuate the country and since most pureblood wizards (Voldemorts supporters) know next to nothing about muggles, they have a nuke dropped on them and literally won't know what hit them.

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Muggles stomp,

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Muggles, but it'd be a nice fight.

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Muggles can, at minimum bury the wizards in bodies, no tactics. I'd be surprised if the wizarding community broke 5 million in population. There are billions of muggles. There just aren't enough wizards.