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  • All 4 characters wield 4 virtually-indestructible swords.
  • Morals on.
  • No standard equipment or preparation.
  • Win by Death/KO/Surrender.
  • Round 2: Morals on
  • Round 3: Replace Captain America's sword with a shield
  • Round 4: No swords for Captain America and Batman




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Really? Round one: samurai are done. They have nothing extraordinary, they're pretty much realistic on sword fighting skills. Now Cap and Bats are at peak human strenghts (not sure bout Bats), so yeah, I think Bats would suffice here by himself.

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CAP and bats, those guys are great but not THAT great by anime/manga standards

should have put kenshin instead

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In a sword fight I think they could win this, but Cap with his shield, or Batman with his gadgets and armor would stomp them into tomorrow. But if they are all wielding their swords, Mugen and Jin probably could take this.

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Samurai Champloo by far is one of my favorite animes next to Cowboy Bebop. However, Mugen and Jin would lose this encounter even with swords. Batman is good enough to beat Ra's Al Ghul, who has hundreds of years experience. Even though Cap doesn't have any swordsmanship his physical attributes are way above that of Team 1. No one on Team 1 are close to peak human and have been taken down by less.