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This will be the battlefield.

As seen it is a large Battlefield.

Straight up random Fights.

Your characters will have 10 minuets to gather their gear within the rules. Mountain Busting Limits kids! No over the top crap. Gear will follow the rules and be within reason of what they can bring to the battle.

In character, but no rivalries.

Tourney Rules

4 Man Teams.

Strength max is 200 tons. Roughly, give or take a Hundred.

Speed Max is Mach 10. Anybody faster than Mach 10 will be nerf to fit. Example like Flash can be used with Spead Steal and IMP (Limited to strength max of 300 tons). He is topped at Mach 10 in Combat Speed and Travel Speed.

Durability Max is Healing Factor and 200 Ton durability roughly.

Power Destruction is Mountain Busting Max

TP and Illusions is Limited to affecting one person and one person only.

Summoning and Duplication is limited to 6 at a time.

Reality Warp, Transmutation, and Molecule Manipulation cannot be use. Can have Characters who have it. Just cannot be used.

Time Powers can only be used on one self. Cannot increase your speed pass Mach 10. Can increase Reaction Times to Light Speed for all I care. Combat and Travel speed will remain in Mach 10 limits.

BFR is limited to 5 Minuets. Then that that player will be brought back via freaking Magic to the middle of the Battlefield. You must win by Incpacitation, Death, or KO. BFR is not a win.

Gear is Standard to what they used, and limited to the above rules.

Start at the mini Outposts on each End.


  • Kang
  • Swamp Thing
  • Johnny Sorrow
  • Parasite


  • Darth Vader (Star Wars EU)
  • Luke Skywalker (Star Wars EU)
  • Priscilla (Claymore)
  • Amagi Miroku (Psyren)
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@cadencev2: Kang´s timestream weapons and summoning are allowed?

*edit: question answered via PM*

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@dccomicsrule2011: Yes sir!

I will start saying that my team is superior in every single aspect out there.

Let´s start with my team Leader:

Kang the Conqueror



Kang possess Superior-level Intellect. He commands technology beyond the most sophisticated designs of Stark Industries and Doctor Doom, and has made breakthroughs in time travel and robotics. Kang is the only known time traveler (other than his counterpart Immortus) who has the ability to travel through time without creating divergences.

He is also a self-declared expert in robotics and knows very complex time-physics according to Hank Pym:


Kang's battle armor is produced from a rare synthetic alloy from the 40th century. It is neuro-kinetic, meaning it responds to his subconscious thoughts. Though Kang has no powers, his armor endows him with rough equivalents of super-human abilities.

Enhanced Strength: Gives Kang the ability to lift 5 tons.

Durability: The armor has a built in force-field that extends from 2 feet away from his body, outward to 20 feet in all directions. It can withstand even a nuclear strike at point blank range.

Anti-Gravity Device: Kang has a device in the gauntlets of his armor that allows him to render objects weighing up to 2.2 tons weightless.

Video Communicator: Built into the right wrist is a video communicator, which he can use to stay in contact with his bases from any point in the time-stream.

Time Travel: Kang's armor can create temporal divergences, giving him the ability to travel through and manipulate time.

Concussive Bolts: Kang can fire concussive blasts from the finger tips of his gauntlets; these blasts have the force of several tons of dynamite.

Weaponry: By cracking his fingers, Kang can summon any number of weapons which are transported to him through time-stream instantly.

Electric Shock: By flexing his muscles, Kang can activate a powerful electric shock.

Hover Pad: Kang has often made use of a hover-pad in his battles.

Survival Kit: Kang's armor has a self-contained atmosphere, 30 day supply of food, and waste disposal system.

Body Transference: Until recently, Kang employed nano-technology in his helmet's circuitry that enabled him to transfer his mind into a new body at the moment of death.

Scan 1 - Mind shields.

Scan 2 - Can control other tech.

Scan 3 - Can absorb energy attacks to restore the armor.

Scan 4 - Shortcuting other tech.

Scan 5 - Can identify other beings.

*I will edit this later to add my other team members*

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Offensive Tactics

Kang will start the fight testing his opponents, so the first thing he´s going to do is summon a Dinosaur from the timestream:

Immediately after, he will send Growing Man to this fight against your team. Kang can do it without time for prep.

The Growing Man:

Is a stimuloid, a form of android created by the scientific genius of Kang the Conqueror, the ruler of an alternate future Earth. A stimuloid absorbs most forms of kinetic energy directed against it; therefore, the energy causes it no physical harm. Moreover, the absorption of the energy stimulates the rapid multiplication of the stimuloid's artificial cells, causing it to grow significantly in size, with a proportionate increase in strength and resistance to damage. Presumably, the stimuloid draws its additional mass from an extradimensional source in order to grow. Kang can project an unknown form of energy from a gun that will cause the Growing Man to revert to its original size, in which it resembles an action figure. When reducing in size, the Growing Man dispatches the mass it loses back to the extradimensional source. The Growing Man has been shown to be capable of achieving a height equal to that of a building several stories tall. Presumably there is a limit to the size it can achieve, for at a certain point its mass would become too great for its legs to support. The Growing Man's true size is only 8 inches.

- Here the Growing Man fights the Young Avengers, Cap and Iron-man. They are resitant to lightning and can time-travel to inform Kang of their position:

- Giving Iron Man a hard time:

While Kang do all that, Swamp Thing will be manipulating the ground, water, sky since he is a Plant Elemental, and if he 'applies' himself, he can control much more then just the Green so there´s no place on the map your team members will be safe.

- Turns Gotham into a blossoming rainforest:

Parasite will take the opportunity to approach your team and absorb the energy and power of whoever is susceptible to this kind of attack.

Then my wildcard Johnny Sorrow will be there to finish anyone who might be standing using his infamous powers killing anyone who see his face.

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This Should be Good

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@higorm: Will have my post up in a bit.

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@dondave said:

This Should be Good

This. Really want to see what could take down the Swamp Thing.

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@higorm: Well lets start with the basics shall we first up Luke Skywalker

Unless the the guys on your team is sporting telepathy protection on a planetary scale, one of them is going down via mind wipe

Luke Skywalker telepathy feats:

He resists the effects of the Gun of Command.

"Let her go," Luke ordered them.

"You stay out of this," one of the men said in Basic, using an odd accent Luke had never heard. "This one has information."

Luke stepped forward, and the inquisitor who had been ripping off Omogg's helmet pulled up a gun, fired at him. Blue sparks shot from the gun and enveloped Luke, and for a portion of a second Luke's mind went blank—it felt almost as if his head were immersed in freezing ice water. He blinked and let the Force flow through him. The three men had turned back to their task, apparently satisfied that the confrontation was over.

"Let her go," Luke repeated, louder.

The inquisitor glanced up at Luke in surprise, pulled the gun again. Luke waved, used the Force to rip the weapon from his hand.

"Get out of here, all three of you—" Luke warned.

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia

From real space, Luke joins his mind with Alex while she is in hyperspace.

"We're away," Metallo called, pulling back on the hyperdrive. Alex gazed out the viewport as the stars blurred into starlines. A feeling of calm pervaded her senses. Across the endless boundaries of space, she felt Luke's mind touch hers one last time.

--Taken from Rendezvous with Destiny

Luke erases an Imperial captain's memory of tampering on control signals sent to World Devastators.


Guards are posted outside the cell of the space pirate and the Wookiee, Lord Skywalker, and I've brought the two droids, as you've commanded.


Very well, Captain. ... Anything else, Captain?


There was, uh, one other thing, my lord. Security reports that the master control signal has been tampered with...by someone in the command section. As a result, we have lost three World Devastators.


Hmm, is that so? Have you informed the Emperor of this?


I was about to, my lord, but...


(Sound of the Force being used.) You were saying...Commander?


I was about to, Lord Skywalker, but...I forgot, my lord. It's very strange.


(echoing) Then why don't you keep this information to yourself, Captain. And if anyone else knows, send them to me at once.

Captain: Yes, sir. Keep it to myself, sir. (Sound of Force fades.)


Very well. Dismissed.

--Taken from the Dark Empire audio drama

He sends a call to Leia across the galaxy.

Artoo whistled his assurances. "All right," Luke said, more to himself than to the droid. "I guess this is it, then." He took a deep breath, letting his gaze sweep one last time across the starry sky. If this didn't work... But there was no point in worrying about that now. He'd done all he could for the moment. It was time now for him to draw upon inner peace, and to entrust his fate to Artoo.

To Artoo...and to the Force.

He took another deep breath.


he called, uselessly, one last time. Then, turning his mind and thoughts inward, he began to slow his heart. The last thing he remembered before the darkness took him was the odd sense that someone, somewhere, had in fact heard that final call....


Leia jerked awake. "Luke?" she called, propping herself up on one elbow and peering into the dimness surrounding her. She could have sworn she'd heard his voice. His voice, or perhaps the touch of his mind. But there was no one. Nothing but the cramped space of the Lady Luck's main cabin and the pounding of her own heart and the familiar background sounds of a ship in flight. And, a dozen meters away in the cockpit, the unmistakable sense of Chewbacca's presence. And as she woke further, she remembered that Luke was hundreds of light-years away.

It must have been a dream.

With a sigh, she lay back down. But even as she did so, she heard the subtle change in sound and vibration pattern as the main sublight drive shut down and the repulsorlift kicked in. Listening closer, she could hear the faint sound of air rushing past the hull. Slightly ahead of schedule, they were coming in to Kashyyyk.

--Taken from Heir to the Empire

Luke wipes the memories of two stormtroopers.

The stormtroopers looked at each other, pulled their blasters instantaneously. Han grabbed both blasters by the barrels, twisting them so that the shots fired into the ceiling. Isolder and Luke jumped the guards, bowling them over. Han threw the blasters to the floor, whimpering, "Oh, oh, hot!”

In close quarters, the stormtroopers' body armor hindered their movement, and in a few seconds Luke and Isolder pried their helmets off. A couple of well-placed blows quieted the guards. Leia gagged and tied them while Han and Isolder stripped off their armor, then dumped the bodies into a laundry bag. The old worker pushed them into a back room.

Luke, Han, and Isolder donned stormtrooper outfits. As they dressed, the laundryman watched them but did not question them at all. Sometimes, Luke knew, it was better not to know the answers. If he were tortured later, the laundryman would not be able to reveal any vital information.

"Thanks," Han said, patting the laundryman on the shoulder when they finished. "We won't forget this. If we make it off this rock, we'll come back for you."

Luke watched the old prisoner, knew that he’d suffer for his part in this unless the guards were neutralized. “Wait!” Luke said, and he went to the sleeping guards, placed a hand on each of their heads, let the Force wash through them, submerging their memories of the brief struggle. When he finished, he was breathing heavily. “Dump the men in the tunnel under the grate. When they waken, they won’t remember you being here. At least they won’t remember for a few years.”

The old man nodded solemnly, gazed at Luke. "I know what you are. I've seen men like you before. I remember the Jedi," he said, and he clasped Luke's shoulder. "Thank you."

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia

He can influence other people’s minds.

And, with a word or gesture, he could create thoughts and feelings in the weak-minded...sometimes even in the minds of the strong.

--Taken from the Dark Empire endnotes

He influences the minds of an entire Tusken Raider party into ignoring Han and himself and maintains that influence for two days straight.

Han knew his friend was expending an incredible amount of energy to lull the Sand People into ignoring their two unwanted guests. Luke was able to use his abilities to muddle the minds of weak individuals, but never before had Han seen his friend manipulate so many minds at once. The trick was to keep the Sand People from noticing them; then it was easy for Luke to divert a few stray thoughts.

After a while, the fire was banked and began to burn low. The Tusken Raiders settled down for the night. “I’m going to get some rest,” Han said. “You haven’t slept in two days, Luke. Can’t you wait until they all go to sleep, then catch yourself a nap?”

Luke shook his head. “I don’t dare. If I stop monitoring their thoughts, if I release my hold on their minds, they might suddenly realize we’re not supposed to be with them. If somebody sounds an alarm, we’re lost. Besides, a Jedi can go a long time without rest.”

--Taken from Darksaber

While in stasis, Luke sends out a telepathic call to Leia across the galaxy.

Inside the featureless Force shell he had wrapped around himself and his mind, Luke Skywalker centered his thoughts into a single projectile, a tangible shout across space and time. In his mind his words thrummed along the lines of the Force that connected everything in the cosmos.

He recalled hanging on Cloud City’s lower antennas, dangling above the clouds as he held on for dear life. He had issued a similar call then, before he had known the truth about his sister...before he had realized there was a connection between them. Luke had still known whom to ask for assistance.

“Leia!” he called from the far fringes of the asteroid belt, flinging his thoughts undirected across space. “Leia...Leia...”

Exhausted from the fraying effects of constant tension during the diplomatic mission to Durga’s fortress—compounded by the startling knowledge that Admiral Daala was still alive and gearing up for another assault against the New Republic—Leia sat in her comfortable seat in the diplomatic shuttle. Han piloted it away from Nal Hutta, avoiding the Smuggler’s Moon entirely and arrowing out to open space where Ackbar’s fleet waited.

Relieved that he no longer required stuffy diplomatic finery, Han wore his familiar old clothes again: black best, white shirt, and dark pants that had seen better days. Leia wished she had brought along comfortable clothes herself, but she had forgotten to pack them while preparing for her surprise performance on the Hutt homeworld.

Beside her, Threepio helpfully chattered his list of all the duties waiting for her upon returning to Coruscant. His thin voice rattled off one obligation after another; some she had forgotten, some she had ignored, and some she just didn’t want to remember. As Threepio continued with unbridled enthusiasm for the safe trivialities of a government mental life, Leia found herself lulled into an uneasy doze. The smooth vibrations of the diplomatic ship hummed into her bones like an electronic message. Her thoughts drifted. Her breathing became more regular....

And suddenly a spear of thought lanced through her. Leia sat bolt upright as a convulsive shudder made her skin crawl. She blinked her large brown eyes and gasped. The thought came again like a bullet of ice shooting through her mind.



“Luke?” she whispered.

Threepio, still reciting his list, finally noticed that something was wrong. “Mistress Leia, are you all right?”

Han turned form the pilot’s seat, an expression of concern on his face. “Hey, Leia—what is it?”

Leia shivered and squeezed her eyes shut. She ran her fingertips across her forehead...and the voice continued to echo through her skull, a distant pleading call with no details, just the repeated summons.


“It’s Luke,” she said. “He’s in trouble.”

“Do you know where he is?” Han said, his face filled with questions he did not ask. In their years together, Han had learned not to inquire about certain details of the Jedi, because he would never understand anyway. He no longer considered it a “hokey religion,” but he still didn’t comprehend it.

“No,” she said. Luke’s ethereal voice faded to the back of her mind where it remained, its insistent summons growing no worse but issuing a continuous call. “I think I can find him if I concentrate hard enough, though. We have to—“

“Hey, look!” Han pointed to the cockpit as they approached the New Republic fleet. Wedge’s escort frigate Yavaris hung in front of them like a jagged monstrosity. Connected to one of the docking ports was the familiar battered shape of the

Millennium Falcon.

“Chewie must be back with Artoo.” Han spun in his chair and looked at Leia. “When we get to the fleet, we’ll give them our news about the Hutts. Then we can take all these warships with us to rescue Luke—or we can just go in the



“All right.” Leia bit her lower lip. “I don’t think the whole fleet would help, though. We’ve got to go soon.” She swallowed, trying to ease her dry throat. “We’ll have to brief with Ackbar on what we learned about Imperial activities. He’ll need time to plan strategy.”

When the diplomatic shuttle pulled into the receiving bay of the


, they sprang out of their ship with the New Republic armed escort. Before Han could get his bearings, the towering lanky form of a bellowing Wookiee rushed to greet him. Chewbacca embraced Han so hard that Leia thought she could hear bones crack. Wedge Antilles came running up breathless. "Han, Leia! Glad you're back. Chewie and Artoo found out something on Nar Shaddaa, but once they heard you were on your way, they insisted on waiting."

Chewbacca barked a rapid story that Leia could not understand. Artoo also wheeled up whistling and chittering. "Wait a minute, you two," Leia said, raising her voice.

Han held out both hands, palm outward. "Chewie," he said, "hey, buddy—talk slower! I can't understand you." It took several minutes for Han to extricate the message about Imperial General Sulamar linking up with the Hutts to build their superweapon. This—tied with the information that Admiral Daala had unified the remaining Imperial forces and was planning her assault—made the galaxy a dangerous place indeed.

Leia listened, sick with anxiety for Luke, yet knowing she had to give instructions, issue standing orders for her fleet before she went rushing off.

"General Antilles," Leia said, "let's go to the war room and link up with Admiral Ackbar. We've got to discuss strategy, but Han and I have to leave with all possible speed—my brother, Luke, is in trouble. Everything's happening at once."

"Luke's in trouble?" Wedge asked. "Let's go!"

They rushed to the sealed war room, and a coded transmission brought a holographic simulacrum of Admiral Ackbar into the room with them. Leia drummed her fingertips on the table, looking around, feeling the prodding of Luke's mental call that hadn't lessened. Luke needed her. He was trapped somehow. She had to leave.

She had to leave.

"The Hutts are building their own superweapon with Imperial assistance," Leia began. "And our old friend Admiral Daala is unifying a new fleet to strike against the New Republic. All this is happening right under our noses." She glanced from Wedge's square-jawed face to Ackbar's glassy, unreadable Calamarian eyes. "I want all of our teams on yellow alert from this moment on. Make sure everyone is ready for immediate deployment to battle, wherever the Imperials may strike." She turned toward Wedge. "But, we mustn't tip our hand. The only advantage we have is that they don't


we know what they're up to. They probably realize we suspect something because we're here snooping around...but they won't think we've found anything. You will continue your maneuvers, as before.”

"Right now Han, Chewie, and I will take the


and go rescue Luke. We can't let the Hutts think anything has changed. Wait for your report from General Madine's mission and act accordingly if I haven't returned—I trust you all." Leia stood with a determined look on her face. "Now I have to go save my brother." Han took her hand as they ran to the


Leia sat strapped into her seat, still concentrating, following Luke's gradually fading request for assistance. Her Force abilities had been sharpened through Luke's training, and though she couldn't give Han any direct coordinates for his navicomputer, she could take him in the right general direction; as they approached closer, she narrowed down Luke's location.

The battered space yacht looked like a derelict careening in a random path along the fringes of the asteroid belt. Artoo-Detoo squealed as he detected the ship on the sensors, and Chewbacca triangulated on its position as he steered the


to the rescue. With the


tractor beam, they took the ruined yacht in tow and brought their airlocks together, sealing them so that Han, Leia, and Chewie could open the outer hatch and enter the darkened wreck. Leia had noted disturbing marks on the outer hull, not simply dents and scars from meteor impacts—but long scratches that looked as if they had been made with impossibly sharp claws.

She couldn't understand what he had been doing out in the Hoth system. When he and Callista departed from Coruscant, Luke had intended to go with her to the exclusive and romantic cometary resort of the Mulako Primordial Water Quarry—but something must have changed.

Panting, Han dropped down into the empty hold of Luke's ship with a thud, and called up for breathmasks. "Almost no air left in here,” he gasped, "and it's freezing cold. Reminds me of Kessel."

Chewbacca tossed a clatter of glowlights and breathmasks down before lowering his hairy body into the dim chamber. Han and Leia placed the masks over their faces, and each took a light, which they shone into the dim chambers. Chewbacca shivered and rubbed his fur-covered arms.

"They're completely out of power," Leia said. "Life-support systems are practically dead."

"Doesn't seem to be any engine control, either," Han said.

Leia shook her head. "I can sense Luke, though. It's just a whisper now, but he's here."

They found two motionless bodies in the back chamber, the small sleeping area: Luke lay on the floor like a statue, and Callista clung to him in a tattered and failing life-support suit. Luke looked frozen solid. A rime of frost covered his eyebrows, his eyelashes, and his upper lip. His skin appeared colorless and flat, like wax. Callista gave a rattling groan, shifting in her slick suit. Powdery frost crumbled from the joints of her arms.

“Her suit’s almost gone. Let’s get them to the


,” Han said. “Chewie, carry Luke. Leia and I will get Callista.”

They carried the sagging Jedi back into the warmth and the air of the


, then disconnected from the ruined space yacht, letting the hulk drift into the asteroid field like discarded rubbish, where it would soon become crushed in the relentless chaos of the meteor storm.

--Taken from Darksaber

Luke extends his awareness across all of Centerpoint Station, and when he finds the few people there, he senses inside their minds and intentions.

Feels wrong.

Lando had no talent in the Force. Luke was sure of that. But that didn’t mean his intuitions couldn’t be right. Luke shut his eyes and reached out, probing with his Force ability, searching for the feel of the station, of the beings aboard it. He could detect exactly one sentient mind, a human. Only one? Perhaps there were others, their minds shielded from him in some manner. He reached out and touched the one mind he could sense, touched it as gently as he could. He discovered no sense of evil or bad intent. What he did find was a powerful sense of fear and uncertainty.

He probed toward the blinking light, and the airlock door that was still opening and shutting. There was one mind there, a human one, a young woman. And that mind still seemed worried and afraid—but friendly enough, for all of that.

--Taken from Showdown at Centerpoint

While on the edge of the system, Luke performs a rudimentary empathetic and telepathic probe over the entire Corellian system to gain a general sense of the system’s status.

Luke reached out again, this time trying not to sense the shape of a field in space, but the feel of the minds in the Corellian System. He did not try to reach any one mind, but instead get some overall sense of emotion. Even at this extreme range, he ought to be able to get something. But the power of what he got back astonished him. Hate, fear, revenge, anger, terror—all the dark emotions were running wild in the minds of the Corellian System.

--Taken from Ambush at Corellia

Luke resists a mental probe from Gethzerion and then briefly scans her thoughts, learning of her efforts.

Luke wanted to say more, wanted to tell her that someday he hoped to meet a girl like her, but over in the deeper shadows under the trees, Han stirred in his sleep, raised a hand in the air, and said loudly, “No! No!” Then he pulled a hide to cover his head and rolled over.

Luke thought it strange. He’d never seen Han talk in his sleep before. Then Luke felt it, a disturbance in the Force, as if something invisible had moved under the canopy of the trees with them. He could feel it floating nearby, and wondered if some kind of animal lurked in the shadows. He turned to look up, and a pressure encircled his head, as if a dark helmet had been placed upon it. A chill ran down his spine, and he fought to remain calm, invisible. He recognized that it was some sort of probe.

“What’s going on? What is it? Teneniel asked, and Luke waved his hand, gestured for her to remain silent. He held still for several minutes, fighting for control, drawing upon the Force. Then the feeling faded.

Teneniel gasped, as if she’d suddenly been struck by cold water. She tried to cover her head with her hands, then looked up at the night sky and laughed. “Gethzerion, you’ll never learn anything of value from me!”

Gethzerion’s brittle voice rang through Luke’s ears, filling the woods, coming from everywhere and nowhere. “But I already have,” Gethzerion said. “I’ve learned that Han Solo is alive, and that he dreams with hope of repairing his ship. I must confess, I am glad he was able to salvage his precious generators. Believe me, I want as much as you do for him to get that ship running smoothly.”

Luke reached out with the Force, tried to touch Gethzerion’s mind. He saw a brief image of Imperial walkers marching in the darkness, and then Gethzerion recoiled, hiding herself.

“Get the saddles back on the rancors,” Luke said, feeling grateful that he had been able to heal the beasts of their discomfort, even if only for a few moments. “We’ve got to leave now. Gethzerion has been marching her troops through the night so that she can attack your clan at dawn.”

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia

While incapacitated beneath melt massif, Luke escapes Blackhole’s induced dream-state in the Dark by connecting his mind with Nick’s and then communicates with Nick to wake him up.

Though he was far from conscious, Luke knew something was wrong. He felt...cold.

Unbelievably cold. He'd been cold before—a couple years earlier, on Hoth, he'd come within a shaved centimeter of freezing to death before Han had found him—but this was different. That cold had been a creeping numbness, and weakness, and a growing inability to force his hypothermic muscles to move. This cold, though, froze him without the comfort of numbness. Tiny razor-edged crystals of ice—colder than ice, so cold they burned, cold as liquid air—grew inward through his skin at every pore, becoming hairlines of freeze that crept along his nerves.

And with the cold came silence.

Physical silence, deeper than a living creature can truly experience: not just the absence of external sound, but the absence of all concept of sound. No whisper of breath, no hush of blood coursing through arteries, no faintest beat of his heart. Not even the vaguest sensation of vibration, or pressure, or friction on his skin. But the cold and the silence went deeper than the merely physical. They were in his dreams.

These dreams were glacially slow, actionless, featureless hours of empty staring into empty space, hours becoming years that stretched into numberless millennia, as one by one the stars went out. He could do nothing, for there was nothing to do. Except watch the stars die.

And in their place was left


. Not even absence. Only him. Floating. Empty of everything. Without thought, without sensation. Forever.


His first thought in a million years trickled into his brain over the course of decades

. Sleep. This is the end of everything. Nothing left but sleep.

The second thought, by contrast, followed instantly upon the second.

Wait...somebody else is thinking with my mind.

Which meant he wasn't alone at the end of the universe.

Even in frozen dreams of eternity, the Force was strong with him. He opened himself to the Sleep Thought and drew it into the center of his being, where with the Force to guide and sustain him, he could examine the thought, turn it this way and that like an unfamiliar stone.

It had


, this thought, and texture: like a hunk of volcanic basalt around a uranium core, it was unreasonably dense, and its surface was pebbled, as though it had once been soft and sticky and somebody had rolled it across a field of fine gravel. As he let the Force take his perception into greater and greater focus and detail, he came to understand that each of these pebbles was a


—human or near-human, every single one, bound into an aggregate matrix of frozen stone.

As the Force took him deeper, he came to understand that this stone he held was also holding him; even as he turned it in his hand, it also surrounded and enclosed him—that it was a prison for every one of these pebble-lives, and that these imprisoned lives were also imprisoning


He was the stone himself, he discovered: the very matrix of dark frozen stone that bound them all. He trapped them and they trapped him, and neither could let go. They were bound together by the very structure of the universe.

Frozen by the Dark.

And here was another strangeness: Since when did he think of the structure of the universe as capital-D Dark? Even if there might be some trace of truth in that bleak perception, when had he become the kind of man who would surrender to it? If the Dark wanted to drag him into eternal emptiness, it was going to have to fight him for every millimeter.

He started looking for the way out. Which was also, due to the curious paradox inherent in his Force perception, the way


. The imaginary thought-stone in his imaginary hand was a metaphor, he understood—even as was the frozen stone he had become—but it was also real on a level deeper than nonimaginary eyes could ever see. He was the stone...and so he did not need to reach out to touch the lives represented by the pebbles. He was touching them already. He only had to pay attention.

But each life-pebble on which he focused gave back no hint of light. No perception even of the human being it represented, only a featureless nonreflective surface like a smoothed and rounded spheroid of powdered graphite. Each one he touched gave back no hope, no purpose, no dream of escape, but instead drew these out from his frozen heart, swallowed them whole, and fed them to the Dark. And the Dark gave up no trace of evidence they had ever existed.

All he got from the pebbles was gentle wordless urging to let himself sleep.

Struggle is futile. The Dark swallows everything in the end.

All his hopes, all his fears, every heroic dream and every tragic reality. Every single distant descendant of everyone who had ever heard of him. All would be gone, leaving not even an echo to hint that they had ever existed. The only answer was sleep. Eternal sleep. Sleep.

Luke thought,


He had an intuition that was half memory, half guess, and maybe altogether a hint from the Force, because when he again turned that imaginary stone in his imaginary hand, one of those imaginary pebbles of powdered graphite had a crack in it that wasn't imaginary at all. And through that crack, tiny beyond tiny, nanometrically infinitesimal, so small that if it hadn't been imaginary, Luke couldn't have seen it even with the most advanced instruments in the galaxy, shone the very faintest conceivable glimmer…

Of light.

With the Force to guide him, he focused his perception into a similarly nanometric filament. And through that tiny crack of light within the imaginary stone, Luke found the universe.

Focusing his whole self into his Force perception with all his power and every scrap of the mental discipline that Ben and Master Yoda had pounded into him, Luke could send enough of himself along that filament of light that he could see again—dimly, distantly, through waves of bizarre distortion—and what he saw was sleeves.

Voluminous sleeves, draped together as though concealing folded hands...and beyond them, a floor of smooth stone, illuminated by cold, flickering blues, like the light cast by the screen of a holoplayer. He tried to lift his head, to get a look around, but the view didn't change, and he realized that the eyes through which he saw were not his.

With that realization, other perceptions began to flower within his consciousness. He became aware that the floor at which his borrowed eyes were staring was connected with him somehow...that it was not ordinary stone at all, but a curious semicolloidal structure of crystal...that it was, inexplicably, somehow


That when he set his mind to it, he could feel the life, like a sub-sonic hum can raise a tingle on the skin. But it wasn't on his skin that he felt it, it was

inside his head

...and he felt it because he had crystals of that semicolloidal somehow-living stone


inside his







The crystals grew within the other brain, the one connected to the eyes he was borrowing from outside the universe. This became another subject of contemplation, like his imaginary stone, because like that imaginary stone he was both inside this borrowed brain and outside it, pushing in while looking out. And when he touched those crystals with his attention, he could



—the whisper of despair that had murmured to him at the end of the universe.

Sleep. Struggle is futile. All things end. Existence is an illusion. Only the Dark is real.

He could feel now that the whisper came from outside this borrowed brain, even as his own perception did, and that the crystals somehow picked up this whisper and amplified it, adding this brain's limited Force power to its own, the same as it had done with the other hundreds of brains that Luke could now feel were all linked into this bizarre system. There was somebody out there.

Luke thought,


And with that thought, he could feel the malignancy that fed this field of Dark: the ancient wheezing cripple entombed within his lifesupport capsule, who poured his bleak malice through a body-wide webwork of this selfsame crystal...

Just like the one growing within Luke's own body.

And with that understanding came power: he set his will upon the web of crystal within his body and allowed the Force to give power to his desire; now he was able to clearly perceive the link between his crystals and those within this borrowed brain. Then, when he willed the head to raise, it did, and when he willed the eyes to take in the room, he saw a stone cavern, dimly lit by waves of blue energy discharge that crawled along the stone walls and ceiling like living things—the same crackling discharge Luke had seen in the Cavern of the Shadow Throne—though this energy did no harm to the people gathered here.

The cavern was filled with Moon Hats. Each and every one among them stood motionless with head lowered, hands folded invisibly within the drape of their sleeves. Each and every one among them faced a large stone pedestal that stood empty in the center of the room. The pedestal was of a single piece with the floor, but not as though it had been carved from it; it looked as if it had grown there, like a tumor. It was about a meter and a half high, and its flat top was roughly the same size and shape as a comfortable single bed. From time to time, with a kind of regularized increase of frequency like the tide coming in, the electric discharge from the walls and ceiling would pause, and shiver in place as though captured between electrodes; then with a painfully bright flash, they would converge upon the stone pedestal and

vanish into its surface.

Luke understood. That's me,

he thought.

That's where I am. Buried alive in solid rock.

This didn't particularly bother him; after spending eternity at the end of the universe, mere death didn't mean much at all. Death was better than what Blackhole was trying to do to him. With him.

As him.

He didn't know if he could save himself, but he might be able to help these people. That would have to be enough. Luke reached out through the crystals with the Force...and found nothing beyond this one lone brain to grasp. Though he could feel them clearly, though he could listen to the whisper of the crystals in their heads, he could find no surface on those crystals that his will could grasp. Exactly like his dream: these were the pebbles of featureless graphite. Nothing there but the Dark.

This one alone had that fissure of light...

In the distant reaches of his memory, he found a lesson of Yoda's, from one long solstice night, deep in the jungle near Dagobah's equator.

When to the Force you truly give yourself, all you do expresses the truth of who you are,

Yoda had said, leaning forward so that the knattik-root campfire painted blue shadows within the deep creases of his ancient face.

Then through you the Force will flow, and guide your hand it will, until the greatest good might come of your smallest gesture.

He'd never really understood that lesson. He'd only tried to live according to the principle...but now there was an image slowly breaching the surface of his consciousness. An image of his own hand, delivering a punch. Just to the right of center, on the forehead of "Lord Shadowspawn." Which had been precisely the impact required to crack the crystalline matrix inside his brain.

A simple act of mercy, born of no other desire than to end a conflict without taking a life, now had become his own lifeline, by which he could draw himself back from the eternal nothing at the end of the universe. He could


his connection now, could sense the control he might exert through this connection; a simple twist or will would seize this body and make it act at his command—he could even, he sensed, send his power with the Force through this body to serve his desire. He could make this man his puppet, and forge his own escape.


He could abandon his fear, and express the truth of who he was.

For Luke Skywalker, this was not even a choice. Instead of a command, he sent through the link a friendly suggestion.

Hey, Nick,

he sent.

Why don't you wake up?

Somebody had switched on the lights inside Nick's head.

He jerked awake, blinking. His eyes wouldn't focus. "Man...I have been having the



He tried to rub his eyes, but his hands were tangled in something...what was this, sleeves? Since when did he wear pajamas? Especially pajamas made out of brocade so thick he could have used it as a survival tent on a Karthrexian glacier... And his head hurt, too, and his neck was stiff, because his head had gained a couple of dozen kilos—must have been some serious party, to leave him with


bad a hangover—and when he did finally free his hands and rub his eyes and massage his vision back into something resembling working order, he took in his surroundings...and blinked some more.

He was standing in a stone chamber along with about forty other people who were all wearing funny hats and robes just like his, who all stood motionless and silent in a crowd around a big stone pedestal with heads lowered and hands folded inside their sleeves, and he said, "Oh, okay.

That explains it."

It hadn't been a dream.

Okay, sure, a nightmare, maybe—but he was wide awake now and the nightmare was still going on, which meant it was as real as the deep ache in his feet, not to mention his back and his neck. How long had he been standing like this, anyway? Plus there was this knuckle-sized knot of a bruise over his right eye...


he thought.

Oh yeah, I remember.

For a long, long moment, he didn't move. He couldn't guess exactly how long he'd have to make his moves from the first instant he attracted Blackhole's attention, but he had a pretty good idea what the old ruskakk's reaction was gonna be: the walls and floor and ceiling of this whole chamber were made of meltmassif.

This was always the problem with Jedi, Nick decided. Whenever there were Jedi around, you ended up in some kind of trouble that nobody in the galaxy could possibly survive. Not even the Jedi himself. And this time, it wasn't even about dying. It was about getting stuck as Blackhole's sock puppet for the rest of his natural life. So what was he supposed to do?

On the other hand, doing nothing sure wouldn't make anything better. He could feel Blackhole inside his head—a cold slimy goo like the trail left behind by a Xerthian hound-slug on a damp autumn day—and he could feel, too, that Blackhole could snatch back control of Nick's arms and legs and brain anytime he felt like it; the only reason Nick had any self-awareness at all was that Blackhole's whole attention was focused on the kid inside the stone slab.

Overall, it looked like both of them were pretty well fragged.

But, y'know,

he reminded himself,

that kid is supposed to be a Skywalker.

Nick had never been superstitious, but there was something about that name. It seemed to carry the promise, or at least the possibility, that the day might be saved in some incomprehensibly improbable fashion. Even if the situation was so clearly hopeless that only a lunatic would even try.

--Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Luke uses Telepathy send to messages Jedi across the galaxy

Luke continued to look out over the dark water. He had spent the last week deep in meditation, sending a Force-call to the entire Jedi order. It would have been easier to use the HoloNet, but many Jedi-such as Jaina and her team-were in places the HoloNet did not cover. Besides, Luke was trying to make a point, to subtly remind the rest of the order that all Jedi answered to the same authority.

And the strategy had worked

In every arm of the galaxy, Masters had suspended negotiations, Jedi Knights had dropped investigations, apprentices had withdrawn from combat. There were a few Jedi stranded on off-lane worlds without transport and a couple unable to suspend their activities without fatal consequences, but for the most part, his summons had been honored.

Only two Jedi Knights had willfully ignored his call, and their decision had surprised Luke less than it had hurt him.

-Taken from the Swarm War

Here Luke uses his Illusion power to cloak a huge ship:

By then, he had opened himself wide to the Force, and it was pouring in from all sides, filling him with a maelstrom of power, imbuing his whole body with its energy.

A bang sounded back in the engineering bay as a power circuit overloaded, then the lights dimmed as R2-D2 redistributed shield power. Luke felt a surge of anxiety from Mara, but pushed it to one side so he could concentrate on the task at hand.

He formed an imaginary picture of the Shadow's exterior, then expanded it into the Force, moving it from his mind out into the cockpit.

Mara turned around and inspected the image carefully, then said, "Looks good."

Luke continued to enlarge the image, extending it into every corner of the vessel, taking his time to absorb the attributes that made up the Shadow's sensor signature. He began to grow tired, but ignored his fatigue and expanded the illusion until it covered the entire ship like an imaginary skin.

Trying not to be distracted by his son-or by the steadily growing shudder of the barrage of dartship attacks-

Luke brought to mind another image of the Shadow, this time with a black, star-speckled veneer that resembled the emptiness of deep space. Instead of absorbing the ship's sensor signature, however, he blanketed it with a layer of cold emptiness.

Once the illusory skins were in place, he carefully adjusted them, drawing the masking image tight against the hull here, pushing the counterfeit out a little there. The effort of maintaining both illusions began to deplete the energy running through him, so Luke opened himself up completely, using his fear for Ben's life, his anger at the insects that were threatening it, to draw more Force into himself. Every centimeter of his body began to nettle with its sting, and a faint aura arose from his skin.

A third bang sounded from the engineering bay.

"How about that decoy, Skywalker?" Mara asked. "Our shields can't take-"

Luke released the outer skin. "Go!"

Mara shoved the throttles to overload, then, half a second later, shut down the drives. The Shadow slid out of her double and-still masked by the dark veneer Luke had constructed - glided quietly away from the Force illusion.

The shuddering stopped. Luke continued to maintain both illusions, the Force pouring through him like fire, burning more fiercely every moment. He was drawing more energy than his body was conditioned to endure, literally burning himself up from the inside. It was not really a dark side act-to a modern Jedi, the dark side was more a matter of intent than deed-but it felt that way to him. According to Mara, this was what happened to Palpatine, and Luke believed her. He could feel himself aging-his cells weakening, the membranes growing thin and the cytoplasm simmering, the nuclei coming apart.

The air around him began to crackle with static.

R2-D2 extended a fire extinguisher and started toward Luke, squealing in alarm.

"It's okay, Artoo!" Mara said. "He knows how far to push it. He's not going to ignite."

I hope, she added silently.

On Luke's tactical display, the illusionary Shadow-the real one was not visible even to her own sensors-was slowly drifting toward the bottom of the screen, still surrounded by a cloud of attacking dartships. A small inset was counting down the seconds remaining until the Force-cloaked Shadow would be far enough from the dartships to restart the drives and flee. The way Luke was hurting, thirty seconds seemed like an eternity.

Luke's skin felt as dry as a Tatooine lake, and tiny haloes of golden light were starting to appear around his fingertips. The Falcon was on a straight heading and accelerating toward the dartships. The inset on the tactical display showed three seconds, two...

Mara brought the sublight drives back online. Luke let the illusions drop and slumped into his chair, his skin prickling and his hair standing on end as the last of the Force energy left his body.

She activated a mirror section and looked back at him. "How're you feeling?"

"Like I grabbed a powerfeed," he said.

"Why is that so much harder than pushing a Star Destroyer around?"

-Taken from Joiner King

Here Luke it stated to be able to easily mind control/crush an entire crew of people:

Luke looked out at the incoming pirates, a sudden tightening sensation in his stomach. There were many options, of course.

He could reach out with the Force and damage the ships’ control surfaces, crippling them. He might even be able to wrench off whole hull plates or deform the weapons emplacements, tearing them apart with the Force alone. Or he could simply reach inside to the crews’ minds, turning them into helpless observers or even forcing them to surrender. For a Jedi Master with the Force as his ally, there were no limits. No limits at all.

And then, abruptly, he stiffened, his breath seeming to freeze in his throat. There in front of him, starkly visible against the blackness of space, he could see the faint images of Emperor Palpatine and Exar Kun, two of the greatest focal points of the dark side he’d ever had to face. They were standing there before him, gazing back at him.

And laughing.


-Taken from Specters Of the Past

Luke is also fast enough to avoid most of the attacks from you team:

Here Luke moves faster then thought:

A horizontal hail of energy bolts stabbed at Luke---The Force let him move faster than he thought possible, and he wove a defensive tapestry with his lightsaber that turned the hard rain away. Ricocheting beams hit and pierced walls, bounty hunters, the floor, the ceiling.

It was dangerous to be here, no matter where you stood. Amazed as he was at his speed and skill, Luke knew it couldn't continue. He had to miss only one block and he would be a goner. Sooner or later, they'd get him.

He ran forward down the hall, and the shooters ahead gave way against their own reflected firepower. There was a lot of yelling going on with the blasting:

"---look out, you fool---!"

"---there he is, get him---!"

"---watch it, watch it---!"

"---I'm hit---!"

He didn't know how far he had to go to get to the exit. He had a good idea it wasn't pretty close, he wasn't going to make it.

But Luke went with the flow of the Force, continued to cut and block, to parry bolts and flesh and bones as the bounty hunters tried to stop him.

--Taken from Shadows of the Empire

Luke is so fast with his lightsaber that Ben's eyes can't even perceive it clearly (keep in mind Ben was is so fast that he was able to see the world around in a near stand still)

They came, and in greater force this time. Give rancors hurtled toward the southwest slope, two each toward the three other climbable slopes. They were immediately illuminated by blasterfire, misses as well as hits, but their sheer strength and bulk, as well as the armoring effects of the hides draped across them, meant that the blaster bolts again failed to slow them. Each of the eleven monsters reached the bottom of the hill and began climbing at a terrifying rate.

Directly below Ben, Luke's lightsaber lit up. As a central rancor reached it, the blade swung back and forth, slashes so fast that they blurred together in Ben's vision. That rancor immediately slipped and, bellowing, began sliding down the slope again.

-Taken from Faith Of The Jedi Backlash

Luke reacts quickly enough to parry lightsaber strokes from Palpatine. Sidious is fast enough to swing his lightsaber too fast for Anakin, who can perceive and react to ships flying at sublight speeds and evade lightning bolts, to see.


Obi-Wan was already making that exact move as Anakin spoke. But they were inverted to each other: breaking right shot him one way while Anakin whipped the other. The tri-fighters' cannons ripped space between them, tracking faster than their starfighters could slip. His onboard threat display chimed a warning: two of the droids had remote sensor locks on him. The others must have lit up his partner. "Anakin! Slip-jaws!"

"My thought exactly."

They blew past the tri-fighters, looping in evasive spirals. The droid ships wrenched themselves into pursuit maneuvers that would have killed any living pilot. The slip-jaws maneuver was named for the scissorlike mandibles of the Kashyyyk slash-spider. Droids closing rapidly on their tails, cannonfire stitching space on all sides, the two Jedi pulled their ships through perfectly mirrored rolls that sent them streaking head-on for each other from opposite ends of a vast Republic cruiser. For merely human pilots, this would be suicide. By the time you can see your partner's starfighter streaking toward you at a respectable fraction of lightspeed, it's already too late for your merely human reflexes to react.

But these particular pilots were far from merely human.

The Force nudged hands on control yokes and the Jedi starfighters twisted and flashed past each other belly-to-belly, close enough to scorch each other's paint.

Anakin blinked and rubbed his eyes again. Maybe he was still a bit flash-blind—the Korun Master seemed to be fading in and out of existence, half swallowed by a thickening black haze in which danced a meter-long bar of sunfire. Mace pressed back the darkness with a relentless straight-ahead march; his own blade, that distinctive amethyst blaze that had been the final sight of so many evil beings across the galaxy, made a haze of its own: an oblate sphere of purple fire within which there seemed to be dozens of swords slashing in all directions at once.

The shadow he fought, that blur of speed—could that be



Their blades flared and flashed, crashing together with bursts of fire, weaving nets of killing energy in exchanges so fast that Anakin could not truly see them. But he could feel them in the Force. The Force itself roiled and burst and crashed around them, boiling with power and lightspeed ricochets of lethal intent. And it was darkening.

He could feel the end of this battle approaching, and so could the blur of Sith he faced; in the Force, the shadow had become a pulsar of fear.

--Taken from Revenge of the Sith

He moves his arm fast enough to catch five blaster bolts, which were shot from a stormtrooper standing right next to him, in a single hand.

A whole platoon of stormtroopers in gleaming black armor surrounded him, marching with weapons ready. The two behind him had blaster carbines aimed at the middle of his back, and fingers on their triggers. Their sergeant marched ahead. Behind them all, at a vantage that kept them all in view together, walked what Luke had come to assume was some kind of political officer.

The other stormtrooper swore and triggered an autoburst from his carbine. Luke’s other hand, the prosthetic hand that had replaced the one his father had taken, came up in an arc that precisely followed the motions of the carbine’s muzzle and caught all five bolts squarely in his palm.

--Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Luke swings his lightsaber too fast to be seen and shapes a "flourish" with his blade as he deflects blaster bolts from an entire company of 128 stormtroopers.

A slight sideways tilt of his head invited Vastor to look around, which he did. Which was when he saw the full company of black-armored stormtroopers on a ring ledge about three meters above him, all with weapons aimed at his gigantic chest.

"I don't," Luke said. "Not if I can help it. Not anymore." He looked down at Han with a faint start, as though he'd been lost in a daydream and only now realized where they both were. Wearing a faintly bemused half smile, he flipped the DL-44 end-for-end and offered its grip to Han. "Here. You'll need this."

"For what?" Han asked, just as he was starting to realize that the shaft around the


had suddenly gone quiet. The stormtroopers had stopped screaming. "Uh oh."

He snatched his pistol out of Luke's hand and popped to his feet as blasters opened up on all sides to rain plasma upon them in a roaring flood. Luke's lightsaber flared to life and lashed out in invisibly fast arcs that sent bolts out and away in a fan, blasting into the rock of the shaft walls. Choking red-black smoke billowed out from the points of impact, shrouding them in gloom so dense that the


exterior floodlights only gave off a yellow-brown glow.

"Stick close." Luke's voice was tight with concentration. "I'm not used to having to cover somebody else."

"Don't have to tell


twice." Han squeezed himself into a substantially less-than-Han-sized space at Luke's back and had barely time to wish that he knew a Jedi who was just a


taller before the


bucked as if it had been kicked. The ship bounced off the shaft wall hard enough that Han had to grab Luke's shoulder to stay upright. "Chewie,



"Not his fault," Luke said tightly, still carving smoke with his blade to catch stray blaster bolts. "The ship didn't move. The shaft did. The mountain's breaking up."



! Any


good news?"

"Yes," Luke said. "We're being boarded."

Dark shapes hurtled down at them through the gloom—stormtroopers jumping off the ring ledge. Han snarled something wordless that expressed vividly how he felt about having Imperial boots touch his ship and slipped his blaster over Luke's shoulder, snapping off a pair of double taps that caught two troopers while they were still in the air. The bursts blew them backward far enough that they fell short and tumbled into the shaft below, but dozens made it onto the hull. There were plenty more where they'd come from, and Han had a strong feeling that a stand-up fight against a hundred-some stormtroopers was a losing proposition under the best of circumstances. Which these circumstances weren't.

"Make for the hatch!" Han fired twice more, dropping one dark silhouette and knocking another spinning off the rim of the hull, while Luke fanned away a flood of return fire. "Let's see how these sons of monkey-lizards like open space and hard vacuum!"

"You first," Luke said.



thing you won't have to cell me twice." Red-glowing spheres sailed in through the smoke: thermal detonators. Some bounced away, but four or five maglocked themselves to the hull. "Uh, Luke?"

"I've got them." With his left hand, Luke swung his lightsaber in a dazzling flourish to spray blaster bolts randomly through the smoke, while his right hand stretched out toward the dets. All of them suddenly jerked themselves loose and flipped over the edge of the ship. Multiple detonations bounced the ship off the wall again. "Go, Han! Go



Han took three steps, then threw himself into a flat dive that became a belly flop and sent him skidding and scraping over the lip of the hatch. He pulled himself in with his free hand and pivoted around his grip to land on his feet on the deck below. "I'm in! Luke, come on!"

More dets went off and lit the smoke with bloody flame, and there came no sign that Luke had any intention of following him. Han scrambled back up the gangway. "Luke, don't be an idiot!"

"I'm going after Vastor." Luke leaned into the gale of blasterfire as he worked his way toward the ship's edge. "Go. Save Leia! Don't wait for me."

--Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Company (128 troopers): A company consists of four platoons, led by a captain.

--Taken from The Essential Guide to Warfare

.During Luke and Palpatine's second duel, even while the Emperor's powers are repelled by Leia and Anakin's Force Harmony, Leia comments that she cannot fully track their movements. Leia is fast enough to produce more than one blurring motion of her lightsaber simultaneously and run miles of distance across the Eclipse before it can be consumed by a Force Storm.


Yes. The Force binds us. Brings us together. Many people are fighting this war together. Our ally is the Force. Through the strength of the Force, your shroud of evil has been lifted from my mind! (Sound of lightsaber activating.)


So be it. Through the power of the Force, you will die!

(Sound of lightsaber activating. Sound of lightsabers clashing together. Sound of Luke and Palpatine grunting.)


Be careful, Luke! The Emperor is so strong... They’re both moving so fast, I can hardly see them.

--Taken from the Dark Empire audio drama




Here Lukes moves fast enough to reflect laser blast from the AT-AT chain laser:

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TK will also be a problem for your team Luke has TK feats that put's him in the hundred ton range with ease:

Luke crumbles Vader’s fortress, crushes it into pebble-sized pieces, and then throws its remains into the nearby sea.

A damp, cold wind blowing out of a broken sky buffeted Luke Skywalker as he stood on the cliff above his seacost hermitage. He stood there a long time, thinking off all the reasons he had raised it from the rocky sands, of the work he had thought to do there. He had taken the broken pieces of his father’s fortress retreat and tried to remake them into something that could redeem them from their history. But he saw now that all he had managed to build was a prison, and that he had been fortunate to escape it.

Extending his hands and his will, Luke found the points of greatest stress within the structure and pressed upon them, found the points of greatest fragility and sundered them. With a roar that momentarily rivaled the wind, the hermitage collapsed in on itself, crushing the fighter still sealed within it.

But that was not enough to satisfy Luke, not enough to forever erase the temptation. One after another, he raised the pieces of the ruined hermitage, the broken ship, up out of the sand and into the air, crumbling them with the force of his thoughts, until it was a dense, swirling cloud of pebble-sized fragments and metal bits. Then, with a final, explosive effort of will, he hurled the cloud of debris far out beyond the breakers, where it rained down on the churning water and vanished from sight.

--Taken from Tyrant's Test

Luke telekinetically grips the portions of Vader’s destroyed retreat fortress from the sand, cliffs, and sea and molds them into the parts necessary to rebuild it as it was before. He then moves his E-Wing into the hangar. The hermitage itself is taller than the cliffs nearby, and when Luke stands on its apex, his view is obstructed by storm clouds, showing how immense the fortress is.

Luke had not gone far when he stopped and looked up at the top of the cliff for a long moment, then out at the twin spires of rock. Dropping his chin to his chest and closing his eyes, he turned through two full circles, then looked back up at the cliff edge. “Yes,” he said, the wind stealing the word from his lips. “Yes, it is here.”

He sat down on the sand, cross-legged and straight-backed, and brought his hands together in his lap, fingertip to fingertip. Concentrating on a picture in his mind, Luke dipped his awareness deeply into the flow of the Force beneath him. With eyes that looked inward, he found what he was seeking, like flaws in a near-perfect crystal. He extended his will.

The sand around him stirred. The rocks shuddered, shifted, then began to rise from the sea and the sand as though sifted from them by an invisible screen. Swirling through the air as they sought their place, the stones took shape as broken wall and shattered foundation, as arch and gate and dome—the ruins of Darth Vader’s fortress retreat. It hung in the air around and above Luke as it had once stood atop the cliff, a dark-faced and forbidding edifice.

There was no record in Imperial City’s files to say whether his father had ever occupied the fortress, though it had clearly been built for him in accord with his instructions. It had been empty when it was destroyed by a B-wing’s blasters, in the days after the New Republic reclaimed Coruscant. Was this where Vader plotted his conquests in the Emperor’s service? Was this where he had come to rejuvenate after a battle? Had there been celebrations here, self-indulgent pleasures or cruelties? Luke listened for the echoes of the old evils, and could not be certain. But that did not matter to his plans. As he had redeemed and reclaimed his father, he would redeem and reclaim his father’s house.

Now the stones swirled again in the air, joined by others plucked from the sea and stripped from the face of the cliff. Now broken edge fused against broken edge, and the dark faces of the rock lightened as their mineral structure was reshuffled. Now heavy rock walls and floors thinned to an airy elegance as if they were clay in a potter’s press. Now a tower stretched skyward until it rose above the edge of the cliff.

When it was done, the last gap closed, the last rock transformed, the structure securely perched just above the sand on pillars of stone extending down to bedrock, Luke brought the E-wing down the beach and nestled it in the chamber he had made for it. It was not a door that closed over the opening, though, but a solid wall that closed out not only the wind and the cold, but the world. “Shut down all systems,” Luke told R7-T1. “Then place yourself in standby mode, I won’t be needing you for a while.”

The last task was to inspect his retreat from the perspective of any outsiders whose gaze might fall upon it. All was as he had planned. From the sky, it appeared as part of the beach. From the sea, as part of the cliffs. From the beach, as part of the sky. From the cliffs, as part of the sea. It was not a trick of camouflage, but a simple matter of allowing the essences of its substance to be seen. The retreat was of the sea, and the rock, and the sand, and the sky, in harmony with them rather than imposed on them.

The last test was to climb the tower and inspect the view. But when he looked to the east, he found his view blocked by the lowering clouds. So he waited, shrugging off time as easily as he shrugged off the cold. He waited until the wind finally blew the storm away, until he could see the snow-capped Manarai Mountains ruling over the jewel of the Core, outlined against the sky by the light from the yellow-faced inner moon.

--Taken form Before the Storm

He topples and moves a Massassi tree, which range from 140 to 170 meters tall.

With a rapid sweep of his lightsaber, he felled a tall Massassi tree and used the Force to nudge it, toppling it on to the AT-ST in a shower of sparks and flames

--Taken from Darksaber

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@higorm: Well lets start with the basics shall we first up Luke Skywalker

Unless the the guys on your team is sporting telepathy protection on a planetary scale, one of them is going down via mind wipe

Luke Skywalker telepathy feats:

Luke is also fast enough to avoid most of the attacks from you team:

- Kang possess mental shields as already posted.

- Swamp Thing is a plant elemental, good luck trying to TP him.

from his bio:

Resurrection: The Swamp Thing houses his conscious mind inside of a faux body made up of compacted flora and vegetative material. At will, he can abandon this host form and take up residence inside of another shell. Even if the body he is currently occupying is destroyed, Alec's mind lives on and will reconstitute itself in a newly grown swamp-form. The Swamp Thing operated for several years before he even became aware of this ability. Eventually, it was the occultist John Constantine who revealed Alec's Elemental nature to him, and instructed in the ways of reconstituting a new body.

- Parasite is also immune to telepathy:

from his bio

After a number of years, the Parasite became involved in the plot to save Superman from overloading on solar energy. Rudy and Superman battled on the moon where Superman uncontrollably unleashed an immense blast of heatvision that the Parasite absorbed, causing him to mutate even further into a huge, hulking monster with teeth resembling a leech's. This mutation (Parasite 2.0) again increased Rudy's draining abilities, allowing him to absorb fast-moving objects' inertia as well as making him impervious to telepathic attack to an unknown extent since he could now drain energy through a mental link as he displayed when Dubbilex telepathically attacked him. His extra size and power did have a downside, however; he needed to absorb more energy more frequently in order to stay alive.

- Johnny Sorrow was a normal human until an accident with a teleportational device shredded his body and transported his remains to another dimension called Subtle Realms. An entity called the King of Tears restores Sorrow's consciousness, which now inhabits a floating suit and mask. The character can become solid (and vulnerable) if removing the mask, although this also reveals Sorrow's altered face. Seeing Sorrow's face is instantly fatal to almost all living creatures.

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@higorm: Oh sorry I'm going to get to this in a littile while.

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Well I got the crap beat out of me....Oh well.

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@higorm: Give shout outs, I have it on the main title open to votes.

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Haha suppose I'll give my vote to @higorm. dcomicsrule2011 didn't really provide a big strategy for his team, overall, and even admitted he got "the crap beat out of [him]"

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Kang solos

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@carter_esque: You vote for the debater, not the characters, in these threads.

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HigorM lol

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Going for HigorM, kang is kang.

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HigorM should have this in my opinion. dcc didn't make much of a case for his team at all from what I saw. He had a lot on telepathy, and a lot on Luke, but that was about it. And once telepathy is out of the picture I dunno how his team would win.

I think his team was strong enough to take this too, especially with Priscilla, but no case was made.

Thanks for reading,


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Yeah my case could have been much better but I slacked horribly here.

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higor wins.

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