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Morals are off. Win by Death. Random encounter.  
Who wins? The team or Majestic?

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Majestic with all arms and legs tied behind his back.

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mr m wrecks em.

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Threesome it is.........

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@GodDamnIronMan said:

Threesome it is.........


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@FiMFTW said:

Majestic with all arms and legs tied behind his back.

@GodDamnIronMan said:

Threesome it is.........


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This is very one sided really, not sure if i should flag this.

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Majestic would probably make this look like a Mortal Kombat Fatality Tribute under these conditions because Carol nor Starfire are really strong enough to do anything... though I wonder if they could grab hold of his "wang" could they bring pain to him then ? 
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Mr.Majestic curbstomps.

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Majestic has been sited at being ABOVE Superman level. Really doesn't say much as Supes can get stronger by getting closer to the sun, but still that should tell you something anyway about how strong Majestic is

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Mr. Majestic wrecks.