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What do you folks think.  Talking Bruce Wayne Batman... Mr Sinister is one of my favorite so....
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Batman is trump, high trump

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Sinister lol Batman won't hurt him, one: cause he can't. two. he'd be taking a dirdnap before it started. Sinister: TP, molecular control over his body! Please, if you could tell me what Bats is gonna do?

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spite sinister cant beat bats
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@castleking said:
"spite sinister cant beat bats"

Well, didn't wanna say spite, but yeah (just don't think the op realized it)
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Sinister erases Batman's mind. Batman literally couldn't touch Sinister.

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How can batman hurt him first of all and second how can he defend sinisters attacks

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Mr Sinister easy

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Sinister Wrecks Bats without even a second thought.

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bump Sinister roflmfaololwtfomgomg stomps!

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batman stomps him into oblivion

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How is Sinister one of your favorites? If you seen him only for 2 pages or even with the animations you seen him for couple seconds you would know that this is a spite battle.

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If Batman can beat Darkseid, he'll destroy Sinister