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The escape artist vs the webspinner

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Mr Miracle. Scott was raised on Apokolips. He'll win.
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spiderman but when comes to escape artist it comes to mr miracle

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spidey takes this 1 easy

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No way, Mr. Miracle.

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bumper cars!

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I am not that familiar with Miracle but if his this dude http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Miracle he wins for sure.
POWERS: Immortality.
Superhuman Strength, agility, Stamina, Coordination, Immunity and Reflexes.
As the god of Escaping he is the master of Escapology bar none, aided by magic-level technology,Expert martial artist, New God inventive.
Knowledge of the Anti-life Equation (and possesses the will power not to use it). He possesses the Alpha Effect
Yes copy paste from wiki :P

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As much as I like spidey obviously he looses this one Mr. Miracle is just too much.

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horray for pointless bumps ..... (-_-) ... now this zombie thread has to get locked

Necromancy was banned from the Mages Guild for a reason

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Mr. Miracle easily.

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Why on earth was this bumped..

Spiderman is great and all but cant win this..

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mister miracle wins this fight!!

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How on Earth would Spider-Man win this?

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a god over a bug

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Plus he has a Motherbox.

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Just because he a god doesn't mean he would win nothing in his bio that suggests he would win?

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Wtf isnt Mr miracle a new god?

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He's at least as strong and around as fast has mother box tech and literally cannot be contained if he doesn't want too by any means... so webs wont work and then mr Miracle would just easily win

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Mister Miracle stomps.