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Mr. Freeze has heard there is a cure for his wife, determined he sets off on his gauntlet.

  • Freeze is armed with all the gear he had in Arkham City. His Suit, Freeze Gun, Ice Grenades, heat seeking drones/missiles.
  • All Injuries and broken equipment is healed/fixed each round.
  • He has stolen a Jeep which can transport 3 People
  • Morals Off - Nora cannot be used against him.
  • He is aware of his opponents each round and has 2 hours of Prep Time

He May tackle the Gauntlet on his own or employ one of the following options:

  • 3 Thugs armed with Assault Rifles.
  • Bloodlusted - Man-Bat
  • Deadshot as covering fire, has radio to communicate with Freeze.

The Gauntlet: Standard Characters, standard morals, standard current tech unless specified, they are aware that they are about to be attacked from 30ft. No Prep.

Round 1 - The Masked Marauder and ten of his thugs armed with pistols. - Location: Side-Street Courtyard New York

Round 2 - Hydroman & The Enforcers - City Department Store (Furniture Section)

Round 3 - Vermin - Department Store Rooftop

Round 4 - Scorcher - Cargo Ship At Sea

Round 5 - Scorpion (Gargan Classic) - Canadian Fishing Village

Round 6 - The Lizard & Boomerang - Outside Desolate Factory

Round 7 - Hobgoblin (Kingsley) & Constrictor - Inside Abandoned Factory

Round 8- Mysterio (Beck) & The Wizard - Secret Research Facility

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Dead shot will be the most useful, but I see freeze stopping at round 8.

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Hydro-Man may end up being a problem, due to being frozen, and then melting, and attacking him again...But eventually Freeze would clear everyone but Round 8.

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So Freeze can clear up to 8 on his own? I would assume Hobby, Lizard or Scorps might provide some resistance?