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Poll: Mr. Fantastic Vs. Plastic Man in a game of Drunk Twister.... (6 votes)

Mr Fantastic 33%
Plastic Man 67%
Draw 0%

Mr. Fantastic and Plastic Man are hanging out with friends drinking when they get into an argument over who's hotter, a Desperado era Selma Hayek or a Lara Croft era Angelina Jolie. Their friends talk them into a game of Drunk Twister (Because who wouldn't want to see that?) After every spin they both get a double-shot of Jim Beam whiskey....... Who wins?

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Mr. Fantastic will carefully arrange every move and arch of his body, calculating how far he can stretch himself and how he should best utilize his abilities in order to win. Plastic Man may try but likely won't do it with the finesse that Reed will.

This coming from an F4 hater.

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Plastic man. He can stretch forever and I doubt he can even get drunk.

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Mr. Fantastic won't be that hard to get drunk.