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Poll: Mr. Fantastic vs. Forge (5 votes)

Mr. Fantastic 40%
Forge 60%
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I accidentally posted before I put all the info up... Srry. Anyway the fight is thus. Apple Inc. Has contacted both Forge and Mr. Fantastic to build the newest, latest, greatest I-Pad/Phone/whatever. Who builds the best one, who builds it first??? In a battle of inventors, who wins? The smartest man on the planet with plenty of feats under his belt, or the Native American Shaman who's mutant power is literally to build things?

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Both of them already have built devices that far surpass anything Apple could even conceive of.

And this is not a battle. Please read the Battle Forum rules.

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Ok, well how bout this then.... After showing off their respective Apple product at the latest Tech convention they get into a heated argument over frame-rates. They resolve the argument by agreeing to meet in 2 weeks time at the Astrodome with whatever weapons they can conceive of and build to destroy the other. (After all, why would two really smart guys be able to resolve their differences without violence?) They agree BFR is off the table, as is calling in help..... this is a go-it-alone affair. Also..... who did build the better Apple product?

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Reed wins. hes smarter and cant stretch to get materials which would cut time by alot

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Reed, creates a time travel app

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@schillenger420: Reed wins if they are using Apple materials. Reed understands that and can beat Forge. Now if they were using advanced alien tech that neither were accustomed to then Forge would win. Reed has to understand to create. Forge can create without knowing what he is doing.

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I think Forge would win in a speed contest because he doesn't have to plan much, just build it, especially for something so simple.