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Let me know if you think these heroes can survive in another hero's movie.

Movie 1: Bryan Mills (Taken) as The Punisher

Scenario: Howard Saint puts a hit on Mills and his family. Wife and daughter are killed. Bryan becomes the Punisher. Does he get his revenge?

Movie 2: Hawkeye (Clint Barton) as Legolas

Scenario: Hawkeye joins the Fellowship as their bowman. Does he survive the Lord of Rings Trilogy?

Movie 3: Rambo vs Predator

Scenario: John Rambo takes control of Dutch's men as they face off against the alien hunter. Can he win?

Movie 4: Riggs and Murtaugh vs Joker (Heath Ledger)

Scenario: Riggs and Murtaugh are new to Gotham City and are on the case to take down the Joker. Can the Dynamic Duo clean the streets of Gotham?

Movie 5: Leonidas as Hector of Troy

Scenario: Leonidas of Troy must defend the walls against the Greeks. Can he defeat the best the Greeks have to offer?

Movie 6: John Preston (Equilibruim) as Judge Dredd

Scenario: Cleric Preston and his partner Anderson are sent to take down Ma-Ma when they become trapped within her building. They survive, right?

Movie 7: Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) vs Predator 2

Scenario: Dredd and Anderson takes on this mysterious murder who been killing in Mega City. Will Dredd serve this predator justice?

Movie 8: Conan (Jason Momoa) as Perseus

Scenario: Conan as the son of Zeus must take the perilous journey to save Andromeda. Can this barbarion take on Medusa and the Kraken to survive?

Rules: All heroes will follow the timeline of the movie they find themselves in. They all get their standard gear. Who survives to make a sequel? Thanks.

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I actually think all will manage fine except round 4, Joker would stomp.

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I think Hawkeye would have a problem, Legolas used alot of agility he doesn't have.