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Mutant vs. Robot

  • Win by death, knockout or incapacitation
  • Each opponent is in character
  • No battlefield removal, preparation or outside help

Gear/Storm: Standard
Gear/Starscream: Standard
Restrictions/Bonuses: Each know about their opponents powers/abilities, but not the extent.

Environment - Theed

  • Both start one mile apart
  • Area is usable if needed
  • City has been evacuated

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StarScream STOMPS, IMO

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StarScream STOMPS, IMO

Yeah, especially if he gets insulated parts. LMAO

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Storm wins worst line ever hands down.

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Storm wins. She was able to topple jets with tornadoes and punch a hole through a building with her lightning so she should be able to handle Starscream. Also adding the fact she's a much more agile target for Starscream to to hit. It be like trying to hit a fly.

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storm wins easily, her weather manipulation powers were quite impressive.

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spite of all spiteness what has storm done other then waste a ton of energy and like 10 mins of charging to kill toad?? starscream could prolly kill all the x men in the moves. :)

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