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Batman from the newest 2 Batman films and Daredevil from his movie.

Both are wearing just jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of trainers.

No gadgets, weapons or prep and they know nothing of each other except that they are both good at martial arts.

KO or incapicitation to win the fight - morals on.

Fight takes place in a dojo 30 ft by 30 ft and will be contained here throughout.

Starting distance is 15 foot apart.

Who wins?

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Daredevil, more agile and faster (movement and reflexes). It's in a dojo so unless Batman figures out his weakness to loud noise, and can actually produce said sound. It's over.

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Daredevil stomps.

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Would Batman have a strength advantage and perhaps a slightly more broader range of martial arts to take down Daredevil?

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@EpitomeofCool said:


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Matt wins this decisively.

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Matt is stronger (as evidenced by his superhuman leaping), faster (I'd love to see bruce recreate that 'catch the throwing stars bullseye is flinging at your face' feat), has better taste in women, and is gloomier then the Batman.

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Matt Murdock by miles.

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DD. Quicker, more agile and better in martial artists.

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Yeah, What they said ^^^

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Obviously Ben affleck(bad casting)...Daredevil but I dont no if is a better martial arts that Batman.

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Yea im going DD.

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@krilling said:

DD. Quicker, more agile and better in martial artists.

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As much as I want to say Batman, DD takes it. Not easily though.

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Doesnt bats have a sound emmiter in his heel?

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Daredevil, as already stated.

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As they're fighting movie Spider-Man is fighting movie Dr. Octopus with movie Iron Man as back up and they accidentally knock both Batman and Daredevil off the roof instantly killing them both....on the plus side movie Captain America gives the eulogy at both of their funerals.

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Daredevil might mistake Batman as a ninja, because he'd never see him.

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Batman wins...Better weapons, Better skills, training and etc...etc...etc The Batman wins.

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Daredevil should win...Although the fight choreography in Daredevil was terrible.