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Round 1: 
-H2H combat only. 
-Morals on. 
-Victory is won by any means necessary. 
-They start 15 ft. away from each other. 
Round 2: 
-Rorschach is armed with a butcher knife, hairspray, a lighter, and his rappel gun. Nite Owl has his laser pistol. Bane is unarmed. 
-Morals on. 
-Victory is won by any means necessary. 
-They start 7 ft. away from each other. 
Round 3:
-Same as Round 2. But Silk Spectre is fighting alongside Nite Owl and Rorschach. She is unarmed. 
Location: In the sewers of Gotham City, where Batman and Bane fought. 

 Round 2
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Team Watchmen wins all rounds

haha...morals... Rorschach has none

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Bane stomps.

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Bane could take them all individually in a decent fight (probably 8/10 or better). However two at once, I just don't see them taking this. Plus in round 2 they have weapons now? Yeah, Watchmen all rounds.

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@ImTheDamnBatman:You really think he could take on the 3 of them with weapons?

How I see it

Round 1 Bane stomps

Round 2&3 Team

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Bane loses all rounds.

Round 1 would be close though...

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Team wins. Bane is probably slightly over each of them individually but combined they are gonna mess him up. A few solid strikes to the face and it's all over for him.

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Watchmen ftw

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Team, because... 

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watchmen all rounds.. there morals are iffy and would have no problem trying to cut Bane down. They are also much better contenders than Nolans batman.... rorschach can be argued haha

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rorschach could take him solo if he has a butcher knife.

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Team all rounds.

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Team wins because of Rorschach and his lack of mercy toward the enemy. He won't fight for the KO, he'll fight to cripple/kill.

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R1-of course Bane

R2-surely Bane

R3-probably Bane

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Round 1: Team wins

Round 2: Team wins ridiculously easy as Nite Owl slices Bane in half with his laser.

Round 3: Team wins same as R2, only now even easier.

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Bane was shattering concrete in DKRises! How exactly are the two watchmen going to hurt him, even with weapons? Bane snaps their necks with his bare hands, and wins rounds 1 and 2. Silk Spectre MIGHT give Bane a hassle (with the other two). Round 3 to Watchmen, 6/10.

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Watchmen all rounds

@batfan1939 said:

Bane was shattering concrete in DKRises!

Comedian put his fists through walls and Ozy still beat him like he was a child. Watchmen's street levelers are though, their fighting ability is very high

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@Charlie_Jade: Ozymandias also beat the tar out of both Rorschach and Nite Owl later in the film. I would say that the Watchmen's abilities are just above the average League ninja's: better than most normal people, but no match for Bane. Did you see how fast he was moving in some of those fights? Ozymandias vs Bane would be a very good fight (probably give it to Ozy), but not these two. Bane wins.

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Ozy would kill Bane, Ozy is a bullet dodger

Bane can beat goons but his feat against the so called Bat is not impressive. Bale is not comicbook Batman and Bane only beat an old fat tired Baleman,

when Bale Batman actually stopped being depressed, fixed himself and started training again he came back gave Bane a much better fight, a motivated Batman wrecked Bane's mask and sent him flying through city halls widows with a kick

beating an old tired Bale version of Batman in the early half of the film is not exactly the best feat on earth

I think team 2 can win this, but Bane gives them a hell of a fight

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Men get arrested. Bane gets put down. Rorschach ftw :)

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Round 1 - Bane

Rounds 2 & 3 - Team