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Jason Bourne, James Bond (Craig Version), Ethan Hunt, Carl Hauser


Comic Characters:

Bane (Nolan-verse), Deathstroke (Arrow), Black Widow, Batman (Nolan-verse)


  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Random Encounter
  • Standard Gear
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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Comic movie team should win. Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt will be a challenge though.

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Tom Cruise plot power solo's

jk jk jk, but I see team winning because they have more guns on their side.

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The comic characters...

although Batman isn't the best fighter there,I think that Deathstroke and Black Widow and Bane (because of Durability) would win combat,and because of Batman's skill with his gear,they should all win. Especially with their high stats/combat skills combined with weapon efficiency

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Comic team takes it handily..

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Imo the Comic Book Characters take this encounter.

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Carl Hauser sucks. That is all.

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@monsterstomp: How does he suck? He went hand to hand with robots and managed to take out a room full of armed men before any of them could pull the trigger.

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@strider92: I'll probably need to watch it again but yes, he sucks. He has his ass handed to him by a female, struggled to fight robots and spent half the film running.

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Comic team hands down.

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The Agents take this. With standard gear characters like Bane are almost non-factors as the Agents have at least a gun each as standard. The comic team favors close combat and the Agents favor ranged. Given what a good shot both Hunt and Bond are the agents simply gun them down with Black Widow giving them the most problems due to offensive gadgets. Not forgetting that Hauser is bordering superhuman.

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