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Not sure if this is the place for this or not, feel free to move my post, but could i possibly get a list of the 10 most powerful wizards in potterverse, with a list of feats, please and thank you :D

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From what I've read, Albus Dumbledore, evenly matched by Gellert Grindelwald should be on the top.. not counting the creators of Hogwarts of course... Then it'll be Voldemart. That makes your top three. After that it's fairly random. It could be Mad-eye Moody, or minerva mcgonagall or Gideon Prewett (Ron's uncle who supposedly gave a very good fight to Tom, Icbw) Also, some of the death eaters, like that Dolohov guy who took out moody were said to be as bad as Voldemart himself. There is no absolute ranking, of course, but these were the ones who seemed strong.

Even Merlin was mentioned once or twice..

I can't remember anyone else dunno why :(

If you want to Go by the hype, Professor Gilderoy Lockhart takes it xD

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It's difficult to do list everyone order so I will just list the 10 most powerfull wizards.




Godric Gryffindor

Salazar Slytherin

Helga Huffelpuff

Rowena Ravenclaw

These are probably the best.

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thanks guys :D and lol to the first post about lockhart xD really appreciate it